Amber Chase as The Concerned Stepmom

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In this clip, we’ve got the sexy young MILF, Amber Chase, reprising the role of stepmom to a strapping young buck full of piss and vinegar. We first see her showing motherly concern to one of her stepsons saying how worried she is about him being distracted by all the teeny boppers hanging around him in school. So to make sure he doesn’t get tempted, she kneels down in front of him, takes out his already erect dick from his jeans, and starts giving him a blowjob.

The kid half heartedly protested once by asking her what she was doing but after that, he just extended his legs, braced both arms on the living room couch, and just enjoyed the ride while Amber exercised her considerably mouth skills on his fuck stick. And when he jizzed right in her mouth, this slut didn’t miss a beat. She just opened her lips, showed him the considerable amount of cum he expelled, and went right on sucking his dick.

When it was all over, she licked her lips and ordered him not bring anymore bitches to the house until his grades have improved. The dude groaned in protest.

A bit later on in the day, we see Amber in the kitchen table doing some work in her iPad when she notices a girl trying to sneak into the house. The bitch was clearly there to get into her stepson’s pants so she took matters into her own hands and got her off instead lesbo-style thinking that that should sate her for a little while so that she won’t disturb her stepson. Judging from the way Amber expertly licked the girl’s clit and how easily she convinced the girl to reciprocate, its clear that Megan swings both ways which makes her even hotter in my eyes not to mention my dick.

But Amber underestimated the strength of young hormones, that’s for sure. In the next scene, we see the girl on her stepson’s bed while the dude was eating her cunt out. Amber walks in on them and right away decides that trying to prevent the dude from hooking up is a waste of time. So like all pragmatists, she decides to join them and pushes the dude out of the way to show him how cunts are best to be eaten.

She then directs her lessons to the girl and shows her how to eat dick using her stepson as a guinea pig. Like before, the dude had no objections whatsoever and simply did what he was told as they practiced on his more than willing cock. Seeing Amber work his stick while the girl was sucking on his left nut was really hot. I tell you, some dudes get all the luck.

The following scenes show the hardcore action we’ve been waiting for. The dude first fucked the girl doggy style while Amber watched looking for some areas of improvements. Not seeing any, she pushed the girl out of the way so that her stepson can plow her to kingdom come. Fucking hot! Watch the rest of the clip to see what I mean.

Amber Chase In A Threesome

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You know how some chics start acting like moms way before they turn 25? That’s exactly how Amber Chase comes across in this hot clip. In it, she’s playing the very young wife of a guy with two sons who are just out of their teens. She’s bitching and complaining about how difficult and unruly they are as if she wasn’t just out of their teens herself. That being said, she is fucking hot with a capital F. We first see her wearing a short pleated mini skirt paired with a tight pink button down that is opaque enough to show that she is wearing a black bra encasing her shapely avocados. Sporting a flip hairstyle with bangs, she looks like a hot to trot mama indeed.

Anyways, she gets to her house and finds to her exasperation that her stepsons have taken the house key that she’s hidden in the window sill. So she manages to jimmy open the front window but just when she thinks she’s made it inside, her shirt gets caught in a nail. Not wanting to rip the shirt, she’s effectively stuck. Enter one of the stepsons who gets an eyeful of Amber’s shapely ass. In her best mom fashion, she asks for his help which he is more than willing to give.

He starts by grabbing each of her ass cheeks and then pushes on it as if to get her through the window. That didn’t work of course as he expected so he says he’ll have to pull up her skirt which he proceeds to do. That’s when we see her bubble but and her barely there black thong. As she’s not able to see what he’s doing, she got the shock of her life when she feels his tongue darting back and forth along the crack of her ass.

In walks in the other stepson and she appeals for his help while the other stepson is chowing down on her bung hole. But all the other one cares about is that she didn’t buy his cereal so there’s no chance in hell that she’ll get any help from him. So tries to guilt him by saying she thought he was better than that and that she thought his brother was the trouble maker, not him.

So he changes his mind and decides to give her something after all. Thing is, what he gave her wasn’t what she was asking for. The pervert opens his fly and decides to give her his semi hard dick which she instinctively takes to her mouth.

What we have now is this: a sexy young wannabe mom stuck in a first floor window with her ass being tongued by a stepson and her mouth being fucked by the other stepson.

Amber Chase in threesome
From there, it goes pretty much down hill or should I say, more hard core as Amber gets railed good and hard by the same two stepsons she was just complaining about. Hey, no family is perfect so you, Amber dear, might as well make the best of it and let those stepsons of yours fuck your brains out. Its not like they’re going to get out of your hair in the foreseeable future. So shut up and put out.

Amber Chase Family Strokes

Family Strokes Amber Chase
Amber Chase
Threesome where Amber Chase is fucked in pussy and mouth

Daughter Swap Teens Audrey Royal and Kara Faux

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The scene begins with two hot young teens jogging in a trail that looks like somewhere in Southern California and apropos for the gloriously hot weather there, these girls are showing lots of skin with their skin-tight, navel baring halter tops and even skimpier spandex shorts. These girls are fucking hot and I’m getting a boner just wondering about what naughtiness they’re about to get into.

Daughter Swap teens Audrey Royal and Kara Faux
We then see two middle aged dudes sprawled on a couch in a living room. They’re talking shop and they’ve hit a snag due to an incompetent contractor so neither of them are happy at the moment. Their mood changes when the two sexy joggers enters the house. The joggers grab their yoga mats from the hallway and greet the two dudes who turn out to be their respective dads. Woo hoo! We’ve got another Daughter Swap scenario here. Anyways, the dads ask them what they’re up to and they said they’re about to do their stretching exercises. When they leave to do so, the dads look at each other, making stretching pantomimes, and get up to covertly watch their daughters do their exercises. By the bulges in their crotches, its clear what the intentions of these two perverts are from from giving fitness pointers to their kids. Oh well. Once a tomcat, always a tomcat, eh?

Kara Faux filled with cock
So the two girls lay out their mats in the hallway and start to stretch. By chance, one mentions that the other’s dad is hot, the other then returns the compliment, saying that they’ve got to do something about that attraction. Turns out, these two sluts are as pervy as their dads.

Like all sexy girls, they’re super aware when they’re being watched so they easily spotted their dads spying on them. They decide to do something about it and run to the spot where the dudes are spying them from. The pops run back to the living room couch with the girls closely behind them. Pretending that they didn’t notice what their dads were doing, the two bitches ask for their help with stretching. And so the action begins.

It starts with the two girls on their backs with one leg raised up. A dude is holding the leg with the other hand planted firmly on the back of the upper thigh to extend the stretch. It seems innocent enough until the hand holding the thigh starts travelling to the girls’ crotches. Its at this point that the girls abruptly gets on all fours and assumes a downward dog position. Not really knowing what to do, the pops get behind the girls and with their crotches smack dab behind the girls’ ass, they placed their hands on the girls’ upper back ostensibly to give the impression that they want to extend the girls’ spine. Yeah, right! All the pops wants to do is to assume the doggy position and get their rocks off.

Kara Faux covered in sperm from her best friend Audrey Royals father
At this point, they switch into the Dolphin position with their asses right into the pops face. Then all pretenses fall by the wayside. The clothes coming off and the pops score big time. - hot teens Audrey Royal and Kara Faux swapped
Daughters Audrey Royal and Kara Faux swapped and fucked by dads
Daughter Swap

Alex Blake In ‘When Siblings Succeed’

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In this clip, we’ve got teen Alex Blake’s stepbro sneaking into the bathroom while Alex was taking a shower. At first it was innocent enough. He went in because he left his phone in the bathroom and by the time he realized it, Alex was already in there. So he picked the lock thinking he’ll just grab his cell and go. Thing is, he saw Alex flicking her bean while in the shower and then it was a different ballgame altogether. She’s so fucking hot, you see, that the stepbro just couldn’t help but linger to ogle at her and at least gather enough mental content for a jackoff session later on.

Alex Blake in bed
Alex looks a bit like a fresh Lindsey Lohan so she’s sexy as fuck. When she eventually does come out, the stepbro decides to prolong the moment a little bit by harassing her about why she was in the shower so long. She responds with a ‘Fuck You!’, goes to her room, and shuts the door. At this point, the dude just couldn’t get the image of Alex’s naked body off his mind, so he goes back to her room to find her continuing her masturbation session. He open the door a crack to find out splayed out in her bed playing with herself. She catches him and at this point, he couldn’t give a fuck. He had to try to see if he can get some of that hot pussy. I guess it worked because the next thing we see is her hands on his dick and his fingers deep inside her pussy jacking each other off. Unfortunately, the action was interrupted when his dad and came home and the stepbro had to go back to his room with a bad case of blue balls.

Alex Blake sucks cock
The next day, Alex is on the couch browsing on her phone. Her stepbro approaches her and begs her to lend him her phone because he used up all of his allotted bandwidth for the month and because of it, he can’t get on his porn sites. She got all grossed out and said no, calling him a nasty pig. Then, she takes pity on him and shows him some titty to help him try to get the edge off. Instead, that got him more worked up and the next thing we see is her mouth on his dick. Things were coming a long just fine until he popped right in her mouth. At first, she didn’t quite know what really happened until she spit it out. As she saw his spunk running out of her mouth, she recoiled in disgust with him not understanding why. I guess he’s used to his bitches swallowing after blowing. Lucky guy.

Alex Blake rides a cock
One of the good things about Alex is that she doesn’t hold a grudge. The next day, she’s forgotten all about his cumming in her mouth so that when he asked her to wake him up in two hours, she said yes. Well, she did more than wake him up, that’s for sure. First, she went to his bedroom and blew him while he was still asleep so that he was pleasantly surprised to find his hard dick in her mouth. Then, she let him fuck her like the horny slut that she is. As a finale, she let him cum in her mouth just like the day before. This time around, she lapped up every bit of it like it was sweet nectar. What a difference a day makes, huh?

Alex Blake When Siblings Succeed

Shoplyfter Anastasia Rose

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Her eyes are teen Anastasia Rose’s best feature. They’re piercing blue, almost like a cat’s and her long, straight black hair, parted to the side, emphasized them all the more. She looks like that chic in American Beauty, except that Anastasia’s body is hotter. It’s really ripe for fucking which is good cuz it’s what were here to see, right?

So it’s the same old story. Anastasia got caught not exactly shoplifting but more of fraud (more on this later) and she was brought to the store’s back office for an interview. With her there is the security officer who caught her in the act and like all the dumb bitches before her, she admitted to nothing. This is what she got caught doing: she’s been collecting discarded receipts from the trash bins around the store after which she’d go inside the store, find those items listed in the receipts, and then take them to the refund counter using the discarded receipts as proof of purchase. Ha! This bitch is not as dumb as I thought. Like a lot of people, my friends and I used to shoplift now and then for fun when we were kids, and we never thought of that. Anyways, Anastasia finally got caught and now, she has to pay the piper.

In the clip, we see her realizing that things are not looking good for her. She finally admits to it and when the security officer showed her hard evidence of her crime, she got all desparate and stripped her clothes off, offering her hot body in exchange for her freedom. At first, he refused, telling her to put her clothes back on, but as she played with her pussy and egged him by her pleading voice, he got really turned on and relented.

Anastasia Rose Shoplyfter
The action begins with the requisite blow job. For those who are into seeing some gagging action, you’ll be disappointed on that front because this dude’s junk is average, length and girth wise. Nevertheless, he does her mouth like it was about to go out of style so it was still pretty hot to watch.

Anastasia Rose bent over and fucked doggy
Then he bends her over the table and fucks her doggy style. I don’t know if its because she’s not into sex or she’s really tight, but the expression on her face during her initial penetration indicates that she’s not enjoying herself as much as he is. That changes as she gets used to his hard thrusts at which point she says, ‘This is much better than calling the authorities.’ Not that it mattered to him whether she liked it or not. He was going to fuck her that way he wanted irregardless.

Shoplyfter Anastasia Rose does not like having her tits sprayed with sperm
One thing that Anastasia cannot get used to is cum anywhere near her body. So as punishment for her criminal activities, he made sure to spew his jizz smack dab on her tits. As shown by the pic above, the look on her as she realized what he just did was priceless! He can’t wait until Ms. Itchy Fingers steals again so that he can do a repeat performance.

Shoplyfter Anastasia Rose
Anastasia Rose

Mega Hot Blonde Babe Alex Grey

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FRESH MEAT! That’s exactly the first thing that came to my head when I first laid eyes on Alex Grey. She’s young (but of age, of course), blonde, lean, tight, and oh so fuckable. And yup, this bitch is TINY, for those of us dudes that like to rip into small chics. With Alex, you’ve got the whole package, no need to look for more (that is until she gets used up and our dicks wander on to greener pastures but that’s ways down the road.)

Alex Grey posing
So our Alex is sitting on the living room couch, wearing a red halter top and really short denim cutoffs. She’s got long, straight, blonde hair with small, firm tits whose nipples are poking through her top. She’s obviously not wearing any bra which is just the way I like ’em. I can’t wait for the action to begin.

Alex Grey sucks a big cock
The doorbell rings and it’s a really tall, dorky dude wearing a three piece suite hawking some pills he calls ‘Miracle Grow’. Alex knows him and was shocked at how tall he got. Apparently, he tried the pills which worked on him and now, he thought to offer it first to her. She’s so small that she can’t help but want to give it a shot. Thing is she doesn’t have the dough for it so she offers to exchange a little somethin’ somethin’ in return for the pills. This dude doesn’t hesitate. He takes off his dorky suit and shows her his dick so that she can begin her somethin’ somethin’. By the way, this guy is hung like a donkey so I guess the pills must have worked on him in more ways than one.

Alex Grey takes a fat cock in her mouth
His dick is so huge in both length and girth that it can barely fit in her mouth but she gives it all that she’s got so that she can get her hands on those ‘Miracle Grow’ pills.

Mega hot blonde babe Alex Grey fucked doggystyle
And the fucking begins. The dude bends her over the couch, pulls down her cute, cheerleader pink panties and takes her doggy style, burying his engorged tool to the hilt up her cunt. He really wants to get his money’s worth (or should I say, his pill’s worth) out of her judging by the way he is jackhammering into her. At least she’s getting her pipes cleaned at the same time.

Alex Grey rides cock
They switch positions and now Alex is on top in a reverse cow girl. As before, he is thrusting into her like he wants to split her in two. She seems to be enjoying it though.

Blonde babe Alex Grey sucks a cock and takes a load of sperm in her mouth
A few more positions ensues before he pops at which time she tries to milk him dry with her mouth. He pulls out before that happens though. Instead, he sprays his hot spunk all over her face. What a nice guy! I don’t think he gave a chance to cum either. To make matters worse, the bottle of pills turned up empty. Oh well. Better luck next time, Alex Grey. This should teach you to trust a guy wearing a dorky suit with sneakers.

Mega hot blonde babe Alex Grey
Alex Grey fucked by lucky dude

Alison Rey and Iris Rose Swapped and Fucked By Their Dads

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What’s better than one hot and horny teen? The answer is two hot and horny teens. That’s exactly what we’ve got with Alison Rey and Iris Rose. Both Alison and Iris have long straight hair but Alison is a blonde while Iris is a brunette. At first glance, Alison has got a more beautiful face but Iris seems to have the hotter body. We shall soon see if this is indeed the case. Either way, they’re both hot as fuck and given the chance, either one would do nicely for my stiff dick.

The scene begins with Alison in Iris’s house for a sleepover. Both bitches are in bed, wearing only their striped pajama tops when Iris’s dad walks in wondering if they’re up for a movie night. Iris begins to scoff that they’re too old for a movie night when Alison shuts her up and accepts for both of them. When he leaves the room, Alison gives this explanation: she’s always know that Iris’s dad has got the hots for her and now that she’s turned 18, she’s hoping that tonight’s the night he’s going to act on it. Iris is shocked to which Alison fires back that Iris herself has got the hots for her dad. Alison says that that’s different, that she’d never act on it. Iris responds that its ok for her to do so if that’s what she wants. So with a growing tingle in both their pussies, the two girls go down for the movie night.

The scene cuts to the kitchen downstairs where the two dads are discussing the movie night. Alison’s dad is commenting that the movie night was a good idea and Iris’s dad mumbles an agreement while he does something with the popcorn bag. Allison’s dad looks over to get a closer look and is shocked as fuck to find the dude punching a two inch diameter hole in the bottom of the bag. The dude just made a dick hole! He confronts the dude and demands if this is the reason why he asked them over, to get a shot at fucking his daughter? Sheepishly, Iris’s dad admits to it and says he wouldn’t mind it if he (Alison’s dad) took a shot at his own kid in return. Dudes will be dudes, I guess, because Alison’s dad shrugs and asks for another popcorn bag so he can make his own dick hole. So with a buddy high five, the two dads goes to the living room so that the much anticipated movie night can begin.

I’m going to be a bit of an asshole now by not revealing what happened during the movie night. I got to beat off, you see, from watching this hot clip. Let’s just say there’s was a lot of daughter swapping going on and those two popcorn bags with the dick holes, they saw A LOT of action, so much so that they were a soggy mess of pulp when all was said and done. Fucking hot! - hot teens Iris Rose and Alison Rey swapped
Daughters Alison Rey and Iris Rose swapped and fucked by dads
Daughter Swap

Alexa Nova Asks For Permission To Cum

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So redhead Alex Nova is either anxiously waiting by the doorway or peering out the foyer window. Her hair is cut in a severe bob like the singer Sia but long in back. She’s got on long fake eyelashes, cat’s eyes mascara, and what looks like a form hugging, long sleeved nude dress that is cut mid thigh with a slit on each side that goes up to her waist. With this getup, she looks like a white, high priced call girl working in Japan.

A sleek, silver hatchback rolls up the driveway and out of it comes none other than Bruno, dressed in formal business attire. Alex smiles broadly, smooths down her dress, and does a little bunny hop like a little girl waiting for her Christmas presents. At this point, I’m wondering what Bruno has to make this hot bitch so excited for his return? Does he give her cool threads? Jewelry maybe? Well, we shall soon find out.

As soon as Bruno crosses the threshold, Alex is all over him. First she loosens his tie and then unbuttons the top buttons of his dress shirt. She takes off the tie after which he raises both arms for her to unbutton his cuffs and roll them up his arms. She caresses his crotch lightly and they proceed into the house. Once in the hallway, he points to the floor and she gets on all fours and crawls to the living room couch which is one of those L shaped affairs. She heads to the inner corner and opens her crotch suggestively, revealing her red thong panties. He gets behind her, grabs her neck in one hand, and begins to fondle her tits with his other hand.

Alexa Nova fingered in her pussy
He makes a beeline for her pussy where he pushes her thong to one side, spreads her cunt lips open, and finger fucks her roughly. He’s really going at it and when she asks permission to cum in between her squeals of pleasure, he says not yet. He then walks from behind the couch to the front. He grabs his crotch and his blow job begins.

Aelxa Nova encounters big cock
Now Bruno is hung like a donkey which is why Alexa couldn’t help but grab her hair, wondering how her little mouth will be able to take it this time. But like a good little slave, she gives it her all, not that she has a choice in the matter. At this point, we now know what Bruno has that makes Alexa quiver in anticipation for his return: he fucks her silly and she loves it like the slut slave that she is.

Alexa Nova sucks fat cock
So she begins to blow him and she can’t help but gag due to his enormous size which is exactly what Bruno wanted to happen.

Alexa Nova screams loud as she is fucked hard from behind
And so the fucking begins. Bruno pushes her to her hands and knees, pushes the crotch of her panties to the side, and fucks her doggy style. Like when she blew him, she had a hard time taking him in during his first few hard thrusts.

Alexa Nova gets her face covered in sperm
But like all good slaves, she gets used to his size splitting her open which is when she starts to enjoy it. Grudgingly, he gives permission for her to cum, but not before he dumps his spunk all over her face as shown in the pic above. Ah, Alexa really knows what she likes and isn’t ashamed to work for it.

Alexa Nova
Alexa Nova Punish Teens
Permission to Cum with Alexa Nova

Annika Eve Sucks and Fucks Her Father’s Cock

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You know how some chics have a killer body but with a so-so face? That’s exactly how I feel about Annika Eve. She’s just at that age when her bod has that perfect balance of volumptuousness and tightness that just gives me an instant hardon. If only I can put a paper bag over her head while I do her, she’d be perfect. Come to think of it, I like to do them doggy style which means I don’t get to see their mugs all that much, so Annika will do just fine. I digress though.

The scene begins with Annika primping herself in front of the bathroom mirror, wearing a skin tight burgandy halter top over a black lacy bra, showing off her avocadoes to perfection. She’s got black almost waist length black hair that looks like its been straightened . Her locks could look better on her, but come to think of it, they’re certainly long enough to come in handy when doing her doggy style. They’re long enough to hang on to, you know?

In comes her stepdad saying that he needs to talk to her. She tries to throw him some attitude but he’s having none of it. They continue the conversation in the kitchen. There, he informs her that her mom feels that she’s been so shitty lately that she’s going to be sent to boarding school, so if she doesn’t want that to happen, she better be prepared to ante up some extra somethin’ somethin’ beginning with a blowjob. Indignant at the prospect of being sent to boarding school, Annika agrees. So the action begins with her giving him a little show with her boobs.

The scene switches to the living with Annika on her knees, completely naked giving him a blowjob. This bitch can deep throat so she’s done this before, much to her pervy stepdad’s pleasure. When he compliments on her skills, she flippantly says, ‘I know you like it.’ What a fucking slut! The bj scene ends with her sucking super hard just on his dick’s head just as he was about to pop which was really hot.

In the 2nd scene, we see the stepdad somehow getting hold of Annika’s cell phone where he sees really hot naked pictures of her. Furthermore, she’s sending it to every Tom, Dick, and Harry complete with lewd messages asking the dudes to lick her pussy (which, by the way, is gloriously unshaven with a very thick black bush). What a slut! He confronts her with it and at first, she gets hysterical, screaming for her phone back, but when he threatens to show the phone to her mom, she does an about-face and gets all quiet and pleading. At that point, he knows that he got the little whore where he wants her. He then tells her that she better do EVERYTHING to him what she was going to do those dudes she sent her naked pics to. And that she did, and MORE, like spreading her cunt lips right in front of his face as his cum drips from her pussy.

There’s lots more to see so be sure to watch the rest of the clip.

DadCrush Annika Eve
Dad fucks Annika Eve hairy pussy

Alice March, Jojo Kiss, Joseline Kelly, Nickey Huntsman, Shane Blair – My First Pledge

Download the full HD scene with Alice March, Jojo Kiss, Joseline Kelly, Nickey Huntsman, Shane Blair

Break out the kleenex and the lube, all you lesbo loving Dudes! This clip is all about this hot but desparate chic trying to get into this sorority filled with with stuck up bitches used to getting their way. Anyways, they know this pledge comes from money, so they’ll let her in eventually, but they’re going to have some ‘fun’ with her first. What type of ‘fun’? Lesbo-based fun, that’s for sure.

First, they sit her down and blindfold her while they humiliate her regarding her bad hair and tacky clothes. Then to disorient her, one of the sisters french kisses her passionately while the others continue their verbal abuse. She doesn’t protest one bit which tells you just home much she want to get into this sorority.

The next thing we see is her naked in the couch while she is finger fucked by one of the sisters as the others grasp her throat, all the while raining insults at her. You can tell that the sisters are getting turned on by the hazing they’re all doing to this poor bitch, which makes me wonder if they got the same treatment when they pledged to this sorority. If that was the case, I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall while they went through their hazing. Despite my hardon while I watched them wail on this pledge, I felt sorry for her and wanted to see her tormentors get the same treatment.

My First Pledge - Alice March, Jojo Kiss, Joseline Kelly, Nickey Huntsman, Shane Blair
Anyway, the next thing we see is all the sisters naked on the floor. They’re configured in a circle with their face planted on the cunt above them, looking like a sexual version of synchronized swimming. I’m not really sure if these bitches are diehard lesbos, but whatever the case may be, they sure know their way around a pussy.

My First Pledge with Shane Blair
Prior to the circle pattern above, the bitches first arranged themselves in a train pattern with each girl eating out the pussy of the girl in front of them. The only one who didn’t have a cunt to eat is the pledge who is in front of the train. I guess the sisters felt that pussy eating is a privilege she had to earn. Oh well, at least the pledge got in at the end.

BFFS Alice March, Jojo Kiss, Joseline Kelly, Nickey Huntsman, Shane Blair
BFFS Teamskeet
My First Pledge