Teen Freya Von Doom Strangled and Punished

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Yo! I’ve got a treat for you fuckers that like to see it rough. It begins with Freya Von Doom’s black/mulato roomate getting it on with my buddy, Bruno, who certainly fucks them hard. The scene starts when the couple walks in to her apartment, and right there in the entrance way, they get all hot and heavy, groping and French kissing each other like two amped up teenagers needing to fuck their brains out. She’s wearing what looks like a tight Adidas sports jacket, open all the way to show a black sports bra paired with tight camo pants and thigh high black boots. With that get up, we get a good hint of her body which is tight, thin, and willowy. Not much tits there, but that’s ok. You can pretty much bet that she’s going to be tight and from the way she’s tonguing Bruno, she’s also sopping wet which is just the way I like them.

About a minute into the makeout session, Bruno backs her into the kitchen island, rips of her sports jacket, turns her around, and jams his hand in the back of her pants, exposing her black thong panties. He then gives one of her ass cheeks a slap and then proceeds to grope her tits while tonguing her ear. When he rams his hand into her crotch and feels just how wet she is, he ushers her to her bedroom and closes the door for privacy. This is when Freya walks out of her bedroom with a wide smile in her face. She heard all of this happening and just had to be closer to the action.

When the load groans from the black chic and Bruno just wasn’t enough for Freya anymore, she opened the door to the bedroom to have some visual stimulation. What she saw just blew her mind: her roommate was on her knees and Bruno was fucking her doggy style. They both had most of their clothes on, with his dick out through the fly in his jeans and her thong panties down her knees. They were fucking like two dog in rut, punctuating by his asking, ‘Why is your pussy so fucking wet?’.

This was just too much for Freya. She started flicking her bean right there and then first with her hands inside her denim cutoffs and then shucking her shorts altogether so that her hands could have a freer access to her cunt. I guess her roommate saw her there because she told Bruno to shut the door. It’s at that point the Freya went scurrying back to her room, wondering how she could get someone to fuck her like that.

The next day, she saw Bruno by the couch with her roommate nowhere in sight. She figured that now’s the time to make her wish come true. She sits down next to him and tells him that she heard them fucking and would love to have him ‘get out of hand’ with her. She then takes his hand and deep throats his fingers, at which time he givers her her wish. He suddenly grasps the back of her head with his other hand and jams his fingers down her throat until she gags. He then takes his finger out of her mouth, puts his hand inside her shorts and finger fucks her like an out of control jackhammer.

You guys now have to watch the clip to find out what happens next. One thing for sure is that its fucking hot. Promise.

Freya von Doom gets what she wants!

Freya von Doom is doomed!
The two pics above show just how rough Bruno was with Freya. Slut that she is, Freya just loved it!

Freya von Doom
Punish Teens
Teen Freya von Doom gets strangled, fucked and punished

Annika Eve Sucks and Fucks Her Father’s Cock

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You know how some chics have a killer body but with a so-so face? That’s exactly how I feel about Annika Eve. She’s just at that age when her bod has that perfect balance of volumptuousness and tightness that just gives me an instant hardon. If only I can put a paper bag over her head while I do her, she’d be perfect. Come to think of it, I like to do them doggy style which means I don’t get to see their mugs all that much, so Annika will do just fine. I digress though.

The scene begins with Annika primping herself in front of the bathroom mirror, wearing a skin tight burgandy halter top over a black lacy bra, showing off her avocadoes to perfection. She’s got black almost waist length black hair that looks like its been straightened . Her locks could look better on her, but come to think of it, they’re certainly long enough to come in handy when doing her doggy style. They’re long enough to hang on to, you know?

In comes her stepdad saying that he needs to talk to her. She tries to throw him some attitude but he’s having none of it. They continue the conversation in the kitchen. There, he informs her that her mom feels that she’s been so shitty lately that she’s going to be sent to boarding school, so if she doesn’t want that to happen, she better be prepared to ante up some extra somethin’ somethin’ beginning with a blowjob. Indignant at the prospect of being sent to boarding school, Annika agrees. So the action begins with her giving him a little show with her boobs.

The scene switches to the living with Annika on her knees, completely naked giving him a blowjob. This bitch can deep throat so she’s done this before, much to her pervy stepdad’s pleasure. When he compliments on her skills, she flippantly says, ‘I know you like it.’ What a fucking slut! The bj scene ends with her sucking super hard just on his dick’s head just as he was about to pop which was really hot.

In the 2nd scene, we see the stepdad somehow getting hold of Annika’s cell phone where he sees really hot naked pictures of her. Furthermore, she’s sending it to every Tom, Dick, and Harry complete with lewd messages asking the dudes to lick her pussy (which, by the way, is gloriously unshaven with a very thick black bush). What a slut! He confronts her with it and at first, she gets hysterical, screaming for her phone back, but when he threatens to show the phone to her mom, she does an about-face and gets all quiet and pleading. At that point, he knows that he got the little whore where he wants her. He then tells her that she better do EVERYTHING to him what she was going to do those dudes she sent her naked pics to. And that she did, and MORE, like spreading her cunt lips right in front of his face as his cum drips from her pussy.

There’s lots more to see so be sure to watch the rest of the clip.

DadCrush Annika Eve
Dad fucks Annika Eve hairy pussy

Elena Koshka Takes Her Step Brother’s Cock Into Her Wet Pussy

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Tawny haired beauty, Elena Koshka, looking like fresh and young Lindsay Lohan, is sneaking back into her house at 7 am with her stepbro. She’s wearing a sleeveless orange printed pantsuite but with the legs cropped off so short its practically a mini skirt. With her skimpy getup, its obvious she’s got no tits to speak off, but she’s got legs that go on for days and paired with her tight, lithe body, she is oh so fuckable. Yum.

Anyways, their irate dad was up waiting for them and sits them down in the living room. He gives them hell for being late. He’s not buying into any of their lame excuses and grounds them for a month with no Internet privileges to boot. Shocked, Elena cries out, ‘What are we going to do for fun?’ We’re soon to find out.

Elena Koshka sucks and fucks step brothers cock
Two weeks later, the two siblings are back in the living room, bored as fuck. They start to enumerate all the things they’ve been missing out on the pass few days and Elena reveals that she misses her boyfriend, especially his penis. That’s how it all began. He begins teasing her, playfully pinching her here and there. He accidentally grabs her boobs and she retaliates by poking his dick. One thing leads to another, and despite being step siblings, the next thing we see is Elena on her knees by the couch, giving him a blowjob. I guess, when one is horny, everything gets brushed to the side in order to release that pent up sexual energy.

Elena Koshka Family Strokes
They make so much noise, with her sucking noise and his groans of pleasure, that their step dad hears them and goes to the living room to see what’s going on. Fortunately, they hear him coming and Elena rushes to the powder room with her stepbro not far behind with his pants to his knees, frog walking with a raging hard on. In the powder room, she bends over and pokes her head out of the door to keep a watch out for her stepdad while her stepbro fucks her from behind doggy style. They’re really going at it when they hear their step dad calling out their names. They hurry out of the bathroom and rush to her bedroom to continue their fuck session. These two kids are going to cum no matter what, that’s for sure.

Elena Koshka sucking cock
In her bedroom, she bends over and removes her shorts after which he continues to fuck her from behind just like in the bathroom. The scene switches to find him on his back on the bed while she rides him on top. We get an awesome view of her bung hole while in this position. We then see them, clothes completely off this time, with her on her back tightly grasping both ankles in order for him to get a clear shot of her hot pussy with his stiff dick. The scene ends with Elena back on her knees while he pumps his jizz into her open mouth.

These two now know what to do the next time they’re grounded. It’s good that they’ve got two weeks more to go. Guess what they’ll be doing tomorrow.

Family Strokes Elena Koshka
Elena Koshka
Horny stepsis Koshka fucked by step brother

Janice Griffith anal fucked

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Her name is Janice Griffith – a horny smoking hot brunette teen who fucking loves to have sex in all forms, anal too! No wonder she chose a profession as a pornstar! Janice was born in America the 3rd of July year 1995. She is 161 cm tall and definitely fit in the “fun size” category with her 39 kilos, a perfect fuck toy.

In this scene from Exxxtra Small Griffith is having sex with some lucky guy. It starts with Janice giving this guy a blowjob. And man, this babe sure knows how to suck cock! It seems like Janice has been practising sucking cock for years! As a matter of fact every woman should study Janice and learn from a real pro in the art of sucking cock! Anyway, the guy almost cums in her mouth but it´s too early, Janice wants his cock inside her already dripping wet pussy! Talking about her pussy, just take a look at this photo below and tell me if any man can resist sticking his cock in that perfect cunt?

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So the fucking begins and what can I say other than holy shit! I’ve seen the full scene and I can tell you that Janice had several shuddering, fabulous orgasms, the guy just kept trying to pound out another one for her (and he did!) In fact, he fucked her so hard one of those big dumb ear hoops fell right out of the enormous hole in her ear (around minute 17.) Damn fine fuck! And boy, I already told you but she sure knows how to give head, almost as well as she knows how to fuck! This is one of those scene that you watch over and over again. It will definitely leave you satisfied yet you will scream “GIVE ME MORE PLEASE! LOTS MORE!!”.

Janice Griffith exxxtra small make my dick rise
The original ExxxtraSmall promotion photo for the very first scene with Janice Griffith. TeamSkeet doesn’t do promotion photos for their scenes very often, only in some rare cases when they have something extraordinary to present.
Janice is seen screaming out another orgasm in the photo above.
In case this is your first encounter with Janice I assume that you already have fallen in love with her. She is super hot and when she fucks in front of the camera she gets even hornier and more enthusiastic. Do you think a babe of this caliber would do anal? Probably not huh? And you’re right Janice does rarely every have anal sex in her scenes, but there is one exception! There is one amazing scene almost as good as the Make My Dick Rise scene. The scene where Janice Griffith has anal sex is from the James Deen production company with James as the male actor himself. There is however a third guy in this scene… and you already know what can happen when a hot naked girl is together with two guys… YES, you´re right! Janice Griffith will get double penetrated! She takes one big fat cock up her ass and another in her soaking wet twat! And you know what, she fucking loves it! And here is the scene, just for you!

Janice Griffith ExxxtraSmall
Exxxtra Small teen Janice Griffith
Janice Griffith Made My Dick Rise

Daughter Swap with Elizabeth Jolie and Jenna Reid

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Bleached blonde teen Elizabeth Jolie was having her equally hot but somewhat shorter best friend Jenna Reid over for some BFF time. Jenna’s dad was coming over too to watch the game with Elizabeth’s father as the two dudes have also been friends for quite some time.

So after the two bitches got into their pink onesies that Elizabeth’s dad got them just for the occasion, they got into bed and started talking about whatever hot teen girls talk about. When Jenna got cold, Elizabeth got the idea that her dad should come over and cuddle with her to warm her up. WTF? Not really thinking it was the most appropriate suggestion to make, he reluctantly agreed to do it nonetheless and got into bed with them.

After a while, Elizabeth started getting nightmares and Jenna yelled for her dad saying that he too should cuddle Elizabeth to calm her down. Now this was getting weird! With a lot of reservations, he got into bed with them to see if he could help. But when both girls started grinding their bubble buts against the crotches of the dude spooning them, the two dads looked at each other, trying to assess just how far they can take advantage of the situation with the other’s daughter. When the sluts ripped off the velcroed bottom of their onesies and earnestly started to hump against them, it was pretty clear that there was no going back. So with a shrug and a thumbs up from both dudes, they went to town with the two horny sluts. The next thing we see is both dudes spoon fucking each other’s daughter. At first, the girls were giggling from the sheer ridiculousness of the situation, but soon their moans were replaced by pure groans of pleasure as the dudes fucked them like the sluts that they are.

For those of you who are into hard sex, there’s a scene here that’s really worth waiting for. It involves Jenna Reid being fucked on her back with her onesie still on. When she asked to be fucked hard, Elizabeth’s dad lets loose and grabs her throat with both hands and goes at her like a jackhammer and then mashes her face with his left hand until she twists her face away. As they say, ‘Be careful what you wish for…’

Ultra hot babe Elizabeth Jolie and her bff Jenna Reid sucking their dads cocks
Shown above, this clip ends with both girls on the floor with both dads standing above them, getting their dicks milked by each other’s kid. When both dudes popped, the girls swallowed their spunk like the obedient daughters that they are. Super fucking hot!

Daughter Swap babes Elizabeth Jolie and Jenna Reid
The picture above shows one of the numerous positions the dads put each other’s kid through. Let me tell you, these bitches performed like pros despite their age. They are not to be missed, that’s for sure.

daughterswap.com - hot teens Elizabeth Jolie and Jenna Reid swapped
Daughters Elizabeth Jolie and Jenna Reid swapped and fucked by dads
Daughter Swap

Kat Arina Fucked By Her Stepbro

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When Latinas are hot, they are smokin’ and that is certainly the case with this chic, Kat Arina. We first catch a glimpse of her in her living room, wearing a super tight, stonewashed denim jeans, fashionably ripped in all the right places. (I think they’re called distressed these days.) Paired with a black halter top showing off her bare midriff, we get a pretty good view of her body which is like a young and lithe race horse. With her olive complexion and her full lips, I’m getting a hardon just thinking of my dick in her tight pussy.

Anyways, she’s rummaging through her parent’s nightstand and gets caught by her stepbro. Apparently, she’s looking for a condom to use with her boyfriend later on that day. Bingo! With this revelation, he finally found an excuse to have some fun with her. He convinces her to practice placing a condom on his dick as well as improve her bj skills by blowing him (with the condom on, of course). Poor Kat. She’s not exactly the sharpest knife in the block so she agrees to do it. And do it she does, with all the enthusiasm her youth and tight mouth can muster. When he cums in the condom, he even was able to convince her to allow him to empty it in her mouth, saying that’s the thing to do these days. You kind of feel sorry for her, seeing her with all that jizz in her mouth, but it sure was fucking hot.

The next day, Kat is in the living room wearing a tight, white, sleeveless blouse with a spandex mini skirt. She gets a glass dildo from the side table, sits on the couch, and starts masturbating, not knowing that her perv of a stepbro is watching her from across the room. When she’s done and leaves the room, he hides the dildo thinking that she’ll be desperate to find a replacement, horny bitch that she is. I guess this dude knows his stepsister well because that’s exactly what she started doing and him having a penis and all, she decides that he’ll be the replacement. She starts by giving him a blowjob, without a condom on this time, and just as he was about to pop, she tells him to get out, saying that she’s changed her mind. Good for her! This bitch can give as good as she gets.

Kat Alina fucked by stepbro
On their third “date” Kat Arina let her stepbrother fuck her tight pussy

Later in the day, Kat knock on her stepbro’s door. She’s all depressed because her boyfriend stood her up. Her stepbro tells her to cheer up and that there’s more interesting things to do with her time, like fuck him there and then, seeing that their parents are away. So that’s what she did and she did feel better, that’s for sure. At least, her pussy felt better as did his dick.

Kat Arina Sis Loves Me