Amber Chase as The Concerned Stepmom

Download the full HD scene with Bad Milf Amber Chase

In this clip, we’ve got the sexy young MILF, Amber Chase, reprising the role of stepmom to a strapping young buck full of piss and vinegar. We first see her showing motherly concern to one of her stepsons saying how worried she is about him being distracted by all the teeny boppers hanging around him in school. So to make sure he doesn’t get tempted, she kneels down in front of him, takes out his already erect dick from his jeans, and starts giving him a blowjob.

The kid half heartedly protested once by asking her what she was doing but after that, he just extended his legs, braced both arms on the living room couch, and just enjoyed the ride while Amber exercised her considerably mouth skills on his fuck stick. And when he jizzed right in her mouth, this slut didn’t miss a beat. She just opened her lips, showed him the considerable amount of cum he expelled, and went right on sucking his dick.

When it was all over, she licked her lips and ordered him not bring anymore bitches to the house until his grades have improved. The dude groaned in protest.

A bit later on in the day, we see Amber in the kitchen table doing some work in her iPad when she notices a girl trying to sneak into the house. The bitch was clearly there to get into her stepson’s pants so she took matters into her own hands and got her off instead lesbo-style thinking that that should sate her for a little while so that she won’t disturb her stepson. Judging from the way Amber expertly licked the girl’s clit and how easily she convinced the girl to reciprocate, its clear that Megan swings both ways which makes her even hotter in my eyes not to mention my dick.

But Amber underestimated the strength of young hormones, that’s for sure. In the next scene, we see the girl on her stepson’s bed while the dude was eating her cunt out. Amber walks in on them and right away decides that trying to prevent the dude from hooking up is a waste of time. So like all pragmatists, she decides to join them and pushes the dude out of the way to show him how cunts are best to be eaten.

She then directs her lessons to the girl and shows her how to eat dick using her stepson as a guinea pig. Like before, the dude had no objections whatsoever and simply did what he was told as they practiced on his more than willing cock. Seeing Amber work his stick while the girl was sucking on his left nut was really hot. I tell you, some dudes get all the luck.

The following scenes show the hardcore action we’ve been waiting for. The dude first fucked the girl doggy style while Amber watched looking for some areas of improvements. Not seeing any, she pushed the girl out of the way so that her stepson can plow her to kingdom come. Fucking hot! Watch the rest of the clip to see what I mean.

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