Teen Freya Von Doom Strangled and Punished

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Yo! I’ve got a treat for you fuckers that like to see it rough. It begins with Freya Von Doom’s black/mulato roomate getting it on with my buddy, Bruno, who certainly fucks them hard. The scene starts when the couple walks in to her apartment, and right there in the entrance way, they get all hot and heavy, groping and French kissing each other like two amped up teenagers needing to fuck their brains out. She’s wearing what looks like a tight Adidas sports jacket, open all the way to show a black sports bra paired with tight camo pants and thigh high black boots. With that get up, we get a good hint of her body which is tight, thin, and willowy. Not much tits there, but that’s ok. You can pretty much bet that she’s going to be tight and from the way she’s tonguing Bruno, she’s also sopping wet which is just the way I like them.

About a minute into the makeout session, Bruno backs her into the kitchen island, rips of her sports jacket, turns her around, and jams his hand in the back of her pants, exposing her black thong panties. He then gives one of her ass cheeks a slap and then proceeds to grope her tits while tonguing her ear. When he rams his hand into her crotch and feels just how wet she is, he ushers her to her bedroom and closes the door for privacy. This is when Freya walks out of her bedroom with a wide smile in her face. She heard all of this happening and just had to be closer to the action.

When the load groans from the black chic and Bruno just wasn’t enough for Freya anymore, she opened the door to the bedroom to have some visual stimulation. What she saw just blew her mind: her roommate was on her knees and Bruno was fucking her doggy style. They both had most of their clothes on, with his dick out through the fly in his jeans and her thong panties down her knees. They were fucking like two dog in rut, punctuating by his asking, ‘Why is your pussy so fucking wet?’.

This was just too much for Freya. She started flicking her bean right there and then first with her hands inside her denim cutoffs and then shucking her shorts altogether so that her hands could have a freer access to her cunt. I guess her roommate saw her there because she told Bruno to shut the door. It’s at that point the Freya went scurrying back to her room, wondering how she could get someone to fuck her like that.

The next day, she saw Bruno by the couch with her roommate nowhere in sight. She figured that now’s the time to make her wish come true. She sits down next to him and tells him that she heard them fucking and would love to have him ‘get out of hand’ with her. She then takes his hand and deep throats his fingers, at which time he givers her her wish. He suddenly grasps the back of her head with his other hand and jams his fingers down her throat until she gags. He then takes his finger out of her mouth, puts his hand inside her shorts and finger fucks her like an out of control jackhammer.

You guys now have to watch the clip to find out what happens next. One thing for sure is that its fucking hot. Promise.

Freya von Doom gets what she wants!

Freya von Doom is doomed!
The two pics above show just how rough Bruno was with Freya. Slut that she is, Freya just loved it!

Freya von Doom
Punish Teens
Teen Freya von Doom gets strangled, fucked and punished

Layla London is Punished and Brutally Fucked

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Rough sex afficionados, this clip is IT! We’ve got super sexy Layla London, wearing really short shorts and a blue printed bikini (which shows off her perfect tits) in a living room setting, hitting the books for her upcoming exams. Like most of us, she has her limits, and when she reached it, she had to let off some steam. You can only study so much.

In comes her boyfriend, Bruno, to the rescue, to whom she tells what she really needs to relax. Whereas most of us would ask for a nice takeout meal and/or a long massage, Layla was hankering for something different. She asked to be fucked and hard at that. Being the good boyfriend that he is, Bruno was more than willing to comply. This is what he did:

First, he suddenly clutches at her throat like a cobra striking at its prey. He then tongues her ear and says, ‘Say no more.’ Then he pulls her tits out from her bikini and once out, he roughly inserts his right hand inside her shorts and finger fucks her, while alternately biting each nipple. I can tell you now, this guy can give it as rough as Layla likes it and then some, that’s for sure!

Then he puts her in a doggy position, yanks her shorts mid-thigh, and fucks her to kingdom come while yanking at her hair to control the pace which was not too fast but was long, hard, and deep. This dude is hung like a donkey, by the way, so its a safe bet that this bitch felt as if his dick was touching her tonsils as he plowed into her like a jackhammer in slow motion.

Next, we see her still in the doggy position, but this time face down in the couch which allows us to see just how engorged his tool is as he fucks her. There are red welts on each ass cheek so there was major slapping going on. By the ecstatic moans coming from her mouth, its clear that Layla’s getting what she wanted.

The next position is with her on her back with his left hand holding her right thigh with his dick buried deep in her pussy. His right hand is slapping each tit while he fucks her, leaving red marks on each breast. To take a break from the slaps, he clutches at each tit, as if squeezing a round sponge. Super hot!

Bruno is really giving it to her and if Layla is feeling any pain, she is not showing it. Her body language is just screaming, ‘Give it to me!’ so give it to her he did.

Layla London
Punished Teen
Punished teen Layla London

Stacey Leann is a Punished Teen

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So today, we’ve got ginger teen, Stacy Leann, knocking on her strict and super religious uncle’s door, wearing nothing but a teeny tiny pink top and even tinier shorty shorts, the combination of which leaves her navel exposed along with her long legs, showing miles of milky white skin. This girl is one sexy bitch.

Anyways, she was sent to this conservative Christian home by her mom to get herself straightened out. Her mom says she’s just been too wild and rebellious, not to mention very promiscuous. Stacy disagrees with that assessment but doesn’t put up too much of argument. She changed her outfit as per request and started her rehabilitation right there then by doing chores.

She had two tasks allocated to her that day. The first was to clean the kitchen followed by the bathroom. You can tell that her rebelious nature was starting to show when she rolled her eyes as the dude expected to go on her hands and knees while cleaning. When he said to make sure to put some elbow grease into it, she snapped that there’s no way that she’s going to put that much effort to something that’s not hers.

That’s when she received her first warning about back talking, that the Lord would not appreciate it. Her response to that was a flippant ‘Whatever’ which is when the dude knew that he is going to have to put it up a notch in order to rehabilitate this disrespectful bitch. By the way he was eyeing her shapely ass as he contemplates his dilemma, we sort of get a hint as to what his plan was going to be.

We next see the pair going home from church with the uncle waxing ecstatic about how good the Lord was and how He was going to fix her wild ways. That’s when Stacy lost it. She stripped naked, showing her tiny but shapely tits, and screamed that she’s had enough of his sanctimonious preaching and that she was going to behave as per who she is. Well, his response to that was that if that is how she was going to behave, then he was going to treat her as such, meaning that he was going to have a grand ole time with the slut that she is.

The next scene has the two in the living room with the uncle wearing a black wife beater, pant to his ankles, sporting a huge hardon as he made Stacy crawl on her knees while clutching her long red hair. He sat on the couch and had her blow him deep throat style. She gagged a bit, but she kept on at it. This slut has done this before.

He then had her on her knees on the couch and fucked her doggy style while her face was firmly pressed on the cushions. The next position was on her side with the dude relentlessly pounding her pussy with his huge tool. The final position was with Stacy on her back on the same couch. The dude is holding on to both her feet as he tries to fuck her rebelliousness out of her. The last thing we see is the uncle cumming on her gorgeous face.

So did he straighten her out? Who the fuck cares! What’s important is that it was super hot lay.