Abi Grace is Fucked

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Abi Grace, a lithe straight haired blonde teen, was desperate to use someone’s car. Since she saw her stepbro fast asleep on the couch, she tried to steal his keys but got caught when the prick woke up all of a sudden just when her hands where in his pants pocket.

He was really pissed at first, but changed his tune real quick. He was willing to let things slide if she’d let him take some pictures of her tits for his spank bank. Like I said, this guy is a prick. She was aghast at first, saying that he was her stepbrother, but when she saw he wasn’t bothered about it at all, she went for it on the condition that he keep his mouth shut. So he whipped out his smartphone, and took the pictures as she lifted up her crop top to show her gorgeous tits with their small areoles you usually find on white chics. Always wanting the last word, Abi showed him the bird as he was taking the pictures.

The next day, Abi tried to sneak out of the house but was stopped by the asshole stepbrother saying that she was grounded. Desperate, she said that there were dudes waiting for her in a rave she promised to go to and that she’s willing to suck his dick as long he doesn’t squeal and lets her go. And that’s how it all began.

Jokingly, he took her up on her offer of a blow job, thinking she’d never follow through, but blow him she did right there and then with him sitting on the couch. At first, he thought she was kidding, but when she started to unbuckle his belt, he finally realized that she was dead serious. The next thing we see is her grasping his dick by the shaft and sucking away at the head. She wasn’t skilled enough to deep throat, but it sufficed to make him cum after giving her some pointers from a male perspective. What a sweetheart! Afterwards, she went right out the door to her rave. When he warned her not to fucking tell anyone, her flippant response was ‘Whatever’ and went on her way.

Cut to the following day and we see Abi washing dishes. You can tell her mind was elsewhere when she dropped something in the disposal and stupidly tried to grab it causing the ring on her finger to got stuck in the chopper thingy. Thank God it wasn’t ON. Anyways, she calls her stepbro for help. (He found her predicament extremely funny.) Because her back was turned to him, his crotch was right against her ass while he tried to unstuck her hand to no avail. Well, it was kind of a hot situation to be in causing him to get hard. On her part, she was getting turned on too. The next thing we see was him fucking her doggy style with her left leg propped up against the kitchen counter, giving us a glorious view of raw nature in action. Sweet!