Megan Sage in ‘Thats What Family Is For’

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We’ve got a long haired, brunette beauty here, folks, to show us what she’s got. Her name is Megan Sage. She’s a tiny teen and she is smokin’ hot with a capital H. If she doesn’t get you to cream in your pants by the end of this clip, you better get yourself to the doctor cuz there’s probably something wrong with your plumbing as Megan is one fine piece of ass, that’s for sure.

Anyways, the scene starts with Megan walking in to her stepbro’s room at night, bitching and complaining about how messy it was, that it was for all intents and purposes a pig stye. The stepbro shoots back that its his room, that he’s a guy and that’s how he likes it so she can get the fuck out. He then asks her why she’s in his room anyway and she says the WIFI reception in her room is for shit and what’s more, it’s being renovated due to the presence of mold so he’s got to let her sleep in his room tonight. Asshole as he is, who can say no to a sexy chic, especially when she’s dressed (or should I say undressed) as Megan was that night? So Megan stakes out a spot in his double bed (in his side of the bed, no less), engage in some childish banter (ie- ‘You better not grab all the covers!’, yada, yada, etc…), and off to the lala land the two stepsibling go.

Petite Megan Sage in pants
The following morning, the stepbro wakes up first. He looks at his stepsis who is on her side away from him. He notices something he didn’t see before: she’s got a tattoo on her shoulder blades. That got him so turned on he threw caution to the wind and nudged his hardon towards her. She wakes up, and automatically started jerking him off, even without him having to convince her to do so! That means, his slut of a stepsis is used to do it to other dudes as a matter of course. This is something he’s going to take advantage of more often. So she jacks him off and he cums on her ass that is still clad with a cute pair of blue panties festooned with little pink hearts.

Megan Sage riding cock
The day after, the stepbro overhears his stepsis having an argument with her boyfriend. It was a bad argument and they ended up breaking up. She comes over to him for a friendly shoulder to lean on. It turns out she hasn’t been serviced in a while and was wondering if he could help her out by finger fucking her. You can bet he jumped on the offer with bells on.

Fast forward a few days later and the stepbro comes in from school to find Megan on the couch. She tells him that that night was the final day she’s going to sleep on his room. Apparently, the renovations on her room is about to finish. He was a bit bummed out cuz he got used to the sexy chic in his bed. The following morning he wakes up and sees her coming in to his room. She gets on the bed and shows him just how much she appreciates him letting her sleep in his room the past couple of days. We’re talking some hardcore action here so some lube would be good right now umppmio.

First she gives him a little show and teases him with her bubble butt that is clad in pink panties. Then she strips, and fucks him cowgirl style. Judging from the enthusiasm in which she impaled herself with his schlong, there’s more than gratitude at play here. This bitch is horny as fuck.

Megan Sage fucked in her pussy
Then she gets on her back and he goes at her in the missionary way. Its really amazing that she’s clearly enjoying being speared as she’s really tight and this dude is huge.

Megan Sage jizzed over her belly by brother
Its in this position that he finally pops. He did manage to pull out just before he did at which time he spewed his jizz all over her belly.
Megan Sage

Family Strokes Maya Kendrick

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Oh boy! Trouble is brewing. College boy Richie comes home for vacation and finds his room painted pink. He mutters to himself that his dad gets married and now his fucking room is pink. To make matters worse, he opens his underwear drawer to find it filled with bikini panties. Now he is livid! But not livid it enough, I guess, to stop him from taking a whiff. Guys will be guys.

Thing is, just as he takes a deep smell of the crotch of one of the intruding panties, its owner catches him at it. Its his new step sister, brunette Maya Kendrick, and right off the bat, she calls him a pervert for doing what he did. Richie knows when he’s beaten. He tries to change the subject by saying that she’s in his room, but she wasn’t having any of it. She said its her room now and just to rub his nose into it, she said that he can keep the panty he was perving all over so long as he gets out of her room. Knock out punch! He hung his head low, gathered his stuff, and left the room.

Just as he was leaving, Maya looked at his retreating form and thought ‘Boy Toy’. She then sticks her hand inside her shorts and starts flicking her bean. It seems its not only Richie whose highly sexed in this newly formed family.

Anyways, Maya decides to throw a party that night without asking for permission to do so. The next morning, Richie catches her on the couch, passed out with an empty bottle of whisky by her side. As pay back for what she did to him yesterday, he threatens to tell his dad what she did unless she blew him. The next thing we see is Maya Kendrick on her knees giving love to his big stick. She tried to deep throat him but she couldn’t quite make it (Richie is one hung dude, you see). But she gave it her all, causing her to gag and tear up. One thing is for sure though is that this bitch loves the D.

Fast forward to the next day and Richie is in the living room having just woken up. Maya saunters over and does her morning stretches with him intently looking on. She stops her stretches and says, ‘You can’t just let me blow you once and not let me fuck you.’ She then crawls over to him and unbuckles his belt. Before they do the nasty, he eats her pussy out. This guy certainly knows his way with a pussy. He stops just as she was about to cum and replaces his tongue with his stiff dick, fucking her doggy style with her face planted on the couch.

Needless to say, he’s got no resentment towards her new stepsister now,

Maya Kendrick
Family Strokes
Maya Kendrick fucked by her step brother at Family Strokes

Haley Reed Catches Her Step Sister Malina Mars Fucking Her Dad

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Step right up, folks! We’ve got a classic sibling rivalry here between two gorgeous sisters, one blonde and the other brunette, all competing for the attention of their very lucky step dad during Father’s Day.

The blonde one, Haley Reed, is going about it using the traditional route: through his tummy. She is cooking him a yummy breakfast in bed. The brunette one, Malina Mars, is going to use her pussy to win the prize which in retrospect is not really playing fair, but hey, what is fair nowadays? And besides, we get off while she’s at it so its all good.

Both sisters launch their starting moves in the morning with the step dad still in bed. Haley starts off with a pleasant Good Morning, carrying the food with her in a plate. Malina, on the other hand, shows up empty handed but is clearly in the advantage. She gets on his bed on her knees and goes right for his crotch and says her gift to him is to suck his cock. When she asked him what he thinks of her gift, all the dude could do was laugh nervously. Judging from the wide smile on his face though, its clear he wasn’t about to refuse it.

Malina’s technique is to lick the shaft from the root to the tip (sorry folks, this bitch can’t deep throat yet) at which time she swallows the head and then jacks off the shaft with her right hand. By the expert way she did this, its no wonder it took the dude no time at all to pop at which time she spit his spunk back on the head and she repeats the process all over again. Super hot!

The next scene shows all three of them in living room sitting in the couch. The two stepsisters are on each end with the stepdad in between. Not being able to take the lovey dovey looks going on between Malina Mars and the dude, Haley excuses her self in disgust complete with an eye roll. That’s when Malina Mars makes her move and before we know it, he is fucking her in reverse cowgirl with both his hands on each of her butt cheeks, allowing him to control the pace.

Its good that they still had their clothes on even in this position (his pants were to his knees and her panties were pushed to the side) because when Haley suddenly came back, they were able to quickly cover up and hide their naughtiness. There was one more close call like this in this clip so make sure to watch it to find out what it is. Its not to be missed!

Family Strokes Malina Mars and Haley Reed
Malina Mars
Haley Reed

Marsha May dangles from the ceiling

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Marsha May got a new toy to play with. She put up a ribbon swing in the ceiling and could not wait to try it out for some naughty stuff. Her tight body is perfect for doing acrobatic sex and she loves to get all nasty with it.

When playing around with herself her brothers friend Johnny walks in on her. She is totally surprised but sees the perfect opportunity to try out the swing and have some more fun. She started to give him a massage to lure him in before, like the black widow she is, swallow him whole. Swallow his dick that is, like a spider I might add, dangling upside down from the ceiling. Upside down she can take the dick deep down her open throat.

Fun! And hot as fuck. Marsha May love the dirty play time and they continue to fuck like rabbits. The swing giving this couple of fuckers good momentum for deep and hard pounding. Marsha May loves the deep strokes  in her tight pussy and swings hard to get all the dick she can fit. Balls deep is what it is, nothing else is good enough for this little acrobat. You can see the pleasure on her face each time his long member goes deep in her hole. Each swing sending her closer to climax. This blonde little bombshell love it s much and wants to try every position she can come up with to try and hit her sweet spot. Testing her flexibility and stamina, but what will she not do for cock?

After fucking hard the final act is him filling her mouth with his sperm filled balls before emptying their content in her eager mouth. This is a hot circus act of epic proportions. Don’t miss this one!



Blonde Marsha May Gets Some Tushy Action

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Marsha May is a bottled blonde babe from Miami with an incredible tushy. Its the certainly not flat, but not too curvaceous. It’s just right, so much so that you want to squeeze it and take a bite. And with the white flowered thong she has on, I went through the roof. I want to rip that thing off and go to town on her bung hole.

I’m digressing though. The clip begins with Marsha May talking about doing anal for the first time on film. She talks about how both nervous and excited she is, and that she’s looking forward to be working with the hired dick, Levi Cash, again. Levi then comes in from behind, tongues her ear, and playfully wraps his hand across her throat with the other hand cupping her awesome tits. He asked if she’s already prepped her asshole and she says she’s been pre-fucked back there just for him. She also reveals that she usually likes her sex rough. Let’s see if the dude can deliver best generic viagra.

Before the action begins, we get the obligatory strip tease from the female lead. I usually skip this part, but Amy’s tits made me watch even this part. They’re clearly fake, but they’re perfect to play with. I would love to titty fuck those avocadoes. She also likes to tan with a bikini on because the resulting tan lines are hot too. But its her tats that take the cake. The ones you can’t help but notice are along her crotch line and the one cupping her left breast. They’re whorish, but they’re perfect for what I want to do to her. Hey, I just want to fuck her, not marry her.

So the action begins with the obligatory blowjob. Marsha is not good a deepthroating but Levi won’t take no for an answer. He grasps her by the chin and with his other hand on the back of her head, he gently but firmly eases it in. She gags a bit, of course, but she was able to take it to the hilt. It was super hot to watch.

The scene switches to hardcore with her bent over a pristine white chair. He fucks her first in the pussy to ease her to what’s to come. When she felt all lubed up down there, he pulls out, switches holes, and plows her hot ass. I nearly creamed in my pants when he bends her down further, arches his feet to get better leverage, and really gives it to her. Yes, this bitch really loves it rough.

Finally, we see her down on her knees again. She is sucking off Levi as prepares to cum. When he pops, she laps up every last ounce of it as if it was some precious cream from a sacred cow.

All in all, it was in-fucking-credible. I can’t wait to see more of Marsha May.

Mia Cross is Anal Fucked By Danny D

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We have another Euro babe named Mia Cross. She’s a young brunette, long straight haired with gold highlights, tattoo-ed on both her upper arms, with bright, sexy eyes. Oh yeah, I forgot the most important part: her body. She’s kind of short, but she’s slim. She has small tits perfect for her narrow hips and long legs. Its pretty much a sure thing that this bitch will be an excellent lay.

The clip begins with Danny D. knocking on Mia’s door, looking for his friend. She says hes not here and asks him to come in to wait for him inside. He hesitates a bit but decides to come in anyway. Looking at her cat-that-ate-the-canary smirk as she closes the door, we can tell that she has something naughty planned.

We didn’t have to wait long to find out what that is. As soon as Danny sat down on the couch, we see Mia cuddle up next to him, carressing his arms, and tells him that she wants to play hide and seek where if she manages to find him, she will give him a blow job he won’t forget. Know that Mia has got fuck me mouth and just the thought of a dick in it is enough to make me cream in my pants so of course, Danny agrees to play.

The scene shifts outside where we see Danny running to the woods with Mia not far behind. Obviously, he wants to be caught and helicopters his long dick at her to make sure she sees him. Even soft, this dude is HUNG. At first glance, Mia’s brow is furrowed, worried that she’s bitten of more than she could chew. She soon shakes it off, knowing that she’s a match for any dick, no matter what size.

We then see Mia surprising Danny as he jerks his humongous tool (I guess he was preparing to get blown). Mia Cross looks at it with that smile of hers and makes good on her promise. She gagged a bit when she first took it into her mouth; the fucking thing was just too big, but pro that she is, she opened her mouth wider than she ever had and managed to deepthroat him in no time. The action was getting really good when some fat fuck catches them while at it and chases them away.

The action resumes back at Mia’s house. She blows him until she felt he was about to pop at which time she quickly took off her panties and straddles him. He has a hard time stuffing his dick up her cunt but after a few hard thrusts, it got in and he starts to pump. He then asked her if she wants it up her ass and before long, she was on her side, with him spooning her as he holds up her right leg to stick his dick up her tight butt.

Anal Action With Super Hot Mia Malkova

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It must be something in their water, but Euro babes like Mia Malkova are super hot. Not exactly a teen anymore, she is more like a young cougar, sexy as heck with her dirty blonde hair and a body with curves in all the right places. This clip begins with Mia teasing us with her body, wearing an orange bikini while she frolics in the beach. I tell you, the lucky dudes during that shoot must all have been sporting boners as Mia seductively poses with hair damp from the salt water and a come hither smile in her face. This bitch is just itching for a fuck.

We then see her buck naked, mostly back shots, as she shows off her bubble butt. By the way she fondles it, its obvious that she knows her ass will bring in the views. Mia better like it up her butt because otherwise, she’ll be accused of being a little tease from what she just saw her do.

Well, she doesn’t disappoint. The next scene is with a lucky dude wearing a towel around his waist and sporting a huge hardon. The guy has a swimmers build and towers over Mia. The height difference didn’t seem to matter though. They tongued each other like there’s no tomorrow and as to be expected, his hands go right for the jackpot: her sweet ass.

The final scenes show Mia Malkova following through with her seductive but unspoken invitation. The dude fucks her up her Hershey Highway in positions that best accommodates his huge tool and the best viewing angles for us viewers. This scene is a sure bet cum inducer. Be sure to subscribe in order to watch the rest of this scene starring Mia Malkova.