Family Strokes Maya Kendrick

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Oh boy! Trouble is brewing. College boy Richie comes home for vacation and finds his room painted pink. He mutters to himself that his dad gets married and now his fucking room is pink. To make matters worse, he opens his underwear drawer to find it filled with bikini panties. Now he is livid! But not livid it enough, I guess, to stop him from taking a whiff. Guys will be guys.

Thing is, just as he takes a deep smell of the crotch of one of the intruding panties, its owner catches him at it. Its his new step sister, brunette Maya Kendrick, and right off the bat, she calls him a pervert for doing what he did. Richie knows when he’s beaten. He tries to change the subject by saying that she’s in his room, but she wasn’t having any of it. She said its her room now and just to rub his nose into it, she said that he can keep the panty he was perving all over so long as he gets out of her room. Knock out punch! He hung his head low, gathered his stuff, and left the room.

Just as he was leaving, Maya looked at his retreating form and thought ‘Boy Toy’. She then sticks her hand inside her shorts and starts flicking her bean. It seems its not only Richie whose highly sexed in this newly formed family.

Anyways, Maya decides to throw a party that night without asking for permission to do so. The next morning, Richie catches her on the couch, passed out with an empty bottle of whisky by her side. As pay back for what she did to him yesterday, he threatens to tell his dad what she did unless she blew him. The next thing we see is Maya Kendrick on her knees giving love to his big stick. She tried to deep throat him but she couldn’t quite make it (Richie is one hung dude, you see). But she gave it her all, causing her to gag and tear up. One thing is for sure though is that this bitch loves the D.

Fast forward to the next day and Richie is in the living room having just woken up. Maya saunters over and does her morning stretches with him intently looking on. She stops her stretches and says, ‘You can’t just let me blow you once and not let me fuck you.’ She then crawls over to him and unbuckles his belt. Before they do the nasty, he eats her pussy out. This guy certainly knows his way with a pussy. He stops just as she was about to cum and replaces his tongue with his stiff dick, fucking her doggy style with her face planted on the couch.

Needless to say, he’s got no resentment towards her new stepsister now,

Maya Kendrick
Family Strokes
Maya Kendrick fucked by her step brother at Family Strokes

Peyton Robbie Is Fucked By Her Step Brother

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This clip begins with brunette Peyton Robbie, walking into her living room dressed to kill (albeit in a slutty sort of way) wearing a red halter top paired with a black miniskirt and fuck me stilettos. She’s looking for her cell phone and was asking her step brother if he saw it. (The clip is in a POV format so you you’ll only hear the stepbro. You won’t be able to see his face.)

Anyways, the dude said that he hasn’t seen her phone and asked where she was going. She said she was going out with a couple of her friends, first to dinner then to a club. Here’s the interesting part: She asked him what he thought of her outfit and then informed him that she wasn’t wearing any panties. She then lifted up her skirt to prove it, showing off her bubble butt with its milky white skin. WTF! The stepbro got all indignant and shit, saying that she was a weirdo and asking her why she was showing him stuff like that. So she took the hint, found her cellphone and said goodbye for the night.

I guess it was all an act on his part because as soon as she walked out the door, he unbuckles his belt (he’s sitting on the couch, btw) and proceeds to jerk off. The next thing we see is Peyton walking back into the house and catches him at it with his dick in hand.

With a wide smile on her face, she tell him that she forgot her purse and asked him what the fuck he was doing. Embarrassed as heck, he really couldn’t say anything intelligible so she slowly walked towards him and said, ‘You really liked my outfit, huh?’ She comes really close and nudging at his exposed dick, she asks if he needed any help with it. I guess he says yes because the next thing we see is Peyton Robbie on her knees giving his tool the lollipop treatment.

After that, she asks permission to sit on it and when he agreed, she took it in a reverse cowgirl position. She didn’t even take off her top. She just hiked up her skirt and because she had no panties on, it was buried up to the hilt in no time. With the dude having the camera, he then zoomed in on her ass as he plowed it with his tool, zeroing in on her bung hole.

He then flips her over and does her missionary style. In this position, we see that this bitch shaves down there but neglected to do so for the past week as the hairs were beginning to grow back. It was a super hot in a dirty sort of way.

All of a sudden, he pulls out and she’s back on her knees giving his dick the love that it deserves. This girl just can’t get enough.

Peyton Robbie

Layla London is Punished and Brutally Fucked

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Rough sex afficionados, this clip is IT! We’ve got super sexy Layla London, wearing really short shorts and a blue printed bikini (which shows off her perfect tits) in a living room setting, hitting the books for her upcoming exams. Like most of us, she has her limits, and when she reached it, she had to let off some steam. You can only study so much.

In comes her boyfriend, Bruno, to the rescue, to whom she tells what she really needs to relax. Whereas most of us would ask for a nice takeout meal and/or a long massage, Layla was hankering for something different. She asked to be fucked and hard at that. Being the good boyfriend that he is, Bruno was more than willing to comply. This is what he did:

First, he suddenly clutches at her throat like a cobra striking at its prey. He then tongues her ear and says, ‘Say no more.’ Then he pulls her tits out from her bikini and once out, he roughly inserts his right hand inside her shorts and finger fucks her, while alternately biting each nipple. I can tell you now, this guy can give it as rough as Layla likes it and then some, that’s for sure!

Then he puts her in a doggy position, yanks her shorts mid-thigh, and fucks her to kingdom come while yanking at her hair to control the pace which was not too fast but was long, hard, and deep. This dude is hung like a donkey, by the way, so its a safe bet that this bitch felt as if his dick was touching her tonsils as he plowed into her like a jackhammer in slow motion.

Next, we see her still in the doggy position, but this time face down in the couch which allows us to see just how engorged his tool is as he fucks her. There are red welts on each ass cheek so there was major slapping going on. By the ecstatic moans coming from her mouth, its clear that Layla’s getting what she wanted.

The next position is with her on her back with his left hand holding her right thigh with his dick buried deep in her pussy. His right hand is slapping each tit while he fucks her, leaving red marks on each breast. To take a break from the slaps, he clutches at each tit, as if squeezing a round sponge. Super hot!

Bruno is really giving it to her and if Layla is feeling any pain, she is not showing it. Her body language is just screaming, ‘Give it to me!’ so give it to her he did.

Layla London
Punished Teen
Punished teen Layla London

Shyla Ryder and Liza Rowe Fuck Their Best Friend’s Brother

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Shyla Ryder and Liza Rowe visit their chic friend’s apartment for a long awaited BFF get together. The chic’s brother is in the apartment at the time, but that shouldn’t be a problem, or so the she thought. She did tell him not to come into her bedroom while her friends were over to which he retorted that he definitely won’t be coming near her room and that they better not stare at him like they usually do. He said that her friends did this to him before like ‘little creeps’. This visit is starting to get very interesting.

So Shyla and Liza finally arrive and they’re fucking gorgeous! They both got straight blond hair, mid shoulder, and parted to the side. Paired with beautiful faces and tight young bodies, these bitches are man killers and they know it. When they saw the brother there, they started on him right away, being all flirty and shit but he wasn’t giving them any love so they retired to the bedroom.

There, they stripped and changed into onesies with a detachable bottom. WTF! Ive never seen onesies like that before. Anyways, we get to see their bodies in their birthday suits and let me tell you, these girls have asses to die for.

For reasons unexplained, the next scene we see is Liza giving head to the brother with her two friend fast asleep next to them. I guess either he just couldn’t resist having a willing pussy in the same house as he is or she just lured him in to do what guys do best. Whatever the reason, it was fucking hot to watch him doing his thing with Liza, and the two bitches out cold beside them made the scene that much more erotic. Also, let me tell you, those detachable bottoms in the onesie came in handy judging from all the positions he fucked her in. Its odd, but they were really hotter than stripper lingerie. I kid you not. I mean, he just fucked her while she still had them on, often times pulling at it as if it was a harness and she was a thoroughbred racehorse. When he finally popped while in a doggy position, he came all over her ass and just reattached the onesy’s detachable flap. Now that’s what I call, ‘Wham bam thank you, Ma’am’.

I’m now wondering if he did the other two bitches after Liza. That would have been SO hot!

BFFS Shyla Ryder and Liza Rowe
Shyla Ryder and Liza Rowe fucking best friends brother
Best Friends Forever

Haley Reed Catches Her Step Sister Malina Mars Fucking Her Dad

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Step right up, folks! We’ve got a classic sibling rivalry here between two gorgeous sisters, one blonde and the other brunette, all competing for the attention of their very lucky step dad during Father’s Day.

The blonde one, Haley Reed, is going about it using the traditional route: through his tummy. She is cooking him a yummy breakfast in bed. The brunette one, Malina Mars, is going to use her pussy to win the prize which in retrospect is not really playing fair, but hey, what is fair nowadays? And besides, we get off while she’s at it so its all good.

Both sisters launch their starting moves in the morning with the step dad still in bed. Haley starts off with a pleasant Good Morning, carrying the food with her in a plate. Malina, on the other hand, shows up empty handed but is clearly in the advantage. She gets on his bed on her knees and goes right for his crotch and says her gift to him is to suck his cock. When she asked him what he thinks of her gift, all the dude could do was laugh nervously. Judging from the wide smile on his face though, its clear he wasn’t about to refuse it.

Malina’s technique is to lick the shaft from the root to the tip (sorry folks, this bitch can’t deep throat yet) at which time she swallows the head and then jacks off the shaft with her right hand. By the expert way she did this, its no wonder it took the dude no time at all to pop at which time she spit his spunk back on the head and she repeats the process all over again. Super hot!

The next scene shows all three of them in living room sitting in the couch. The two stepsisters are on each end with the stepdad in between. Not being able to take the lovey dovey looks going on between Malina Mars and the dude, Haley excuses her self in disgust complete with an eye roll. That’s when Malina Mars makes her move and before we know it, he is fucking her in reverse cowgirl with both his hands on each of her butt cheeks, allowing him to control the pace.

Its good that they still had their clothes on even in this position (his pants were to his knees and her panties were pushed to the side) because when Haley suddenly came back, they were able to quickly cover up and hide their naughtiness. There was one more close call like this in this clip so make sure to watch it to find out what it is. Its not to be missed!

Family Strokes Malina Mars and Haley Reed
Malina Mars
Haley Reed

Amina Allure Is Fucked By Her Stepbro

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I think POV videos are hot and this clip is a prime example. It begins with some dude coming home from a tough day at work to find his laptop computer not in the same spot as he left it. Immediately, he goes to his stepsister, Amina Allure, to confront her.

Amina is in her bedroom lying on her stomach on her bed. Not only is she wearing nerdy glasses, this bitch has still got braces on. Nevertheless, she’s smoking hot, with her long black hair in Shirley Temple curls and a super slutty snake tat on her right forearm. She looks a bit like Mila Kunis for whom I’ve got a major hardon for.

Anyways, she admits right away that she used his putter without his permission because hers was out of commission and she was too broke to have it fixed. I don’t really know why she said what she said next, but she mentioned that she saw some of his porn stash while she was using his computer.

He was mad at first that she was fucking around with his secret files, but then got all flustered when he remembered the type of porn that’s on there: stepbrother / stepsister fucking. In an attempt to explain it, he says that it has nothing to do with her being his stepsister, that he finds the genre kind of hot. Yeah, right. As she looks at him with a slight smile on her face while she is listening to his lame explanation, it became clear why she mentioned the porn to begin with. This slut wants his D!

She asks him if he really doesn’t want to fuck her to which he responded with an unconvincing no. She then stands up, walks over to him and gets on her knees while massaging his crotch. This time around, when she asked, ‘Are you sure?’, his resounding groan told her all that she needed to know. Some stepbrother / stepsister fucking was about to occur.

So Amina starts it all off with a blow job. This bitch has got some experience, that’s for sure although not enough yet to do it deep throat. By the way she’s going at it, its just a matter of time before she’ll get it all down.

The scene cuts to her lying on her back, panties pushed to side while he plays with her clit. Remember, this is a POV and all you see of him is his hand spreading her cunt lips apart as he finger fucks her with two fingers. (Btw, her pussy is bald as the day she was born and its smokin’ hot.)

Then comes the fucking. She’s on her back with the camera pointed squarely at her face. Before he porks her, he gets her to promise not to tell anyone. Then the action begins.

Amina Allure

Marsha May dangles from the ceiling

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Marsha May got a new toy to play with. She put up a ribbon swing in the ceiling and could not wait to try it out for some naughty stuff. Her tight body is perfect for doing acrobatic sex and she loves to get all nasty with it.

When playing around with herself her brothers friend Johnny walks in on her. She is totally surprised but sees the perfect opportunity to try out the swing and have some more fun. She started to give him a massage to lure him in before, like the black widow she is, swallow him whole. Swallow his dick that is, like a spider I might add, dangling upside down from the ceiling. Upside down she can take the dick deep down her open throat.

Fun! And hot as fuck. Marsha May love the dirty play time and they continue to fuck like rabbits. The swing giving this couple of fuckers good momentum for deep and hard pounding. Marsha May loves the deep strokes  in her tight pussy and swings hard to get all the dick she can fit. Balls deep is what it is, nothing else is good enough for this little acrobat. You can see the pleasure on her face each time his long member goes deep in her hole. Each swing sending her closer to climax. This blonde little bombshell love it s much and wants to try every position she can come up with to try and hit her sweet spot. Testing her flexibility and stamina, but what will she not do for cock?

After fucking hard the final act is him filling her mouth with his sperm filled balls before emptying their content in her eager mouth. This is a hot circus act of epic proportions. Don’t miss this one!



Trisha Parks and Chloe Couture are Fucked in a Threesome

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This clip begins with Trisha Parks and Chloe Couture, two blonde beauties, talking about bondage toys Trisha stumbled upon in her mom’s panty drawer while she was looking for spare cash for them to go shopping with. Obviously, her mom was into kink which she had no clue about. Both of them were very intrigued by it. They decided to try it out for themselves after doing some research on the web. So off they go, hand in hand, to her bedroom, all giggly and excited in anticipation.

The next shot shows both of them in Trisha’s bed. In front of them is a laptop computer presumably showing kinky bondage stuff that they researched. Their first foray into the world of bondage was pretty tame. Chloe took the rope and tied Trisha’s hands behind her back. As the rope circled Trisha’s tits, she said it really felt good, like doing something forbidden. You can see her nipples harden like pencil erasers and it looked fucking hot. Thing is, they didn’t really know what they were doing and the web can only teach so much so they decided to invite a dude over to help educate them.

When the dude arrived, they brought him to the bedroom and explained what they wanted him to help them with. He said, ‘So you want me to tie you up and then what?’ Their coy response was whatever he does when he’s got other girls tied up and helpless. That’s when he roughly yanked them to their feet and told them to take their fucking clothes off. This guy meant business. Although the two sluts were taken aback, they started to strip. But they weren’t doing it fast it enough so he yanked their shorts off for them and started to tie them up tight so they can’t escape.

He then gagged them both with a black piece of cloth and had them on their knees. He whipped out his dick and slapped their mouths with it. When he was sufficiently hard, he took of Trisha’s gag and face fucked her. I guess Chloe got scared and tried to get away, but the dude grabbed her by the ropes and told her to stay put so that he can give them what they both wanted.

And give it to them, he did. He deep throated Chloe with both his hands at the back of her head so the only way she can go is down his shaft. When he got tired of that, he grasped her by the throat as if to amplify the gagging sounds she was making. This guy really likes his sex rough.

We next see him fucking Trisha doggy style with her face firmly planted on the mattress and his right hand against her mouth. I guess he wanted to keep her fucking sounds quiet. The funny thing was that Chloe was looking on, eyes round as marbles as if wondering how such a big dick could fit in such a tight pussy. When he noticed her staring, he dragged her head down in the same position as Trisha’s and told her ominously that she’s next.

And next she was, that’s for sure.

Cleo Vixen is Fucked by Her Step Brother

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Today, we’ve got platinum blonde Cleo Vixen, wearing her typical skimpy outfit of a tight red tank top and really short white denim shorts, going into her stepbrother’s bedroom and asking for advice. He was in bed at the time and was all willing to help her until he found out what her issue was. Apparently, her boyfriend is reluctant to fuck her. The stepbro thinks its really inappropriate of her to ask him about stuff like this because they are step siblings. She countered that she feels that she can trust him, that she feels super comfortable around him, and that he’s the ideal person to give her the male perspective that would give her a clue as to why she’s not getting serviced by her boyfriend. She then proceeded to pull down her tank top so that her breasts popped out. Her next question was, ‘What do you think of my tits’ as she laid down on his bed.

At this point, he covers his eyes with hands and asks her to put her tits away, but Cleo is in a roll and and takes off her shorts leaving just her white thong on. She then spreads her legs, fondles her clit, and coyly asks, ‘What do you think of my pussy?’ At this point, he can’t help but take a peak from time to time, only covering his eyes again when he realizes what he was doing and tells her that she is a bad bad girl. Its around this time that she has a great idea. She sits up, puts her hands on his lower leg and says that she wants to give him head so that he can rate her bj skills. He thinks about it and probably because he knows she won’t leave him alone until she gets her way, he lets her on condition that she tells absolutely no one. Another motivating factor for his decision is that he’s rock hard from all of her privates that she’s been flaunting in front of his face. He might as well get some release for all of the teasing she’s putting him through.

The next thing we see is Cleo blowing her stepbrother while he was lying down on his bed. The scene shifts to her still going at it while he was standing up on the bed. He must have been holding the camera in these two scenes because it comes across like a POV video. Whatever the case may be, its super hot.

The third scene is of the two fuckers off the bed. He’s standing up while she’s on her knees, doing her best to get a good rating at giving a blowjob. All of sudden, he pops and cums on her mouth. She frowns, and while still grasping his shaft, she gags and spits it out. She asks him what the fuck was it. Apparently, that was the first time anyone’s ejaculated in her mouth.

Ha! Serves the horny bitch right.

Cleo Vixen

Sexy Bailey Brooke Fucks Her Step Brother

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In this clip, we’ve got teen blondy Bailey Brooks spying on her older stepbro as he works his body out. Its clear that this bitch has got that special itch down south and that she’s going to get it scratched by the man of her dreams, even if he’s her stepbro. After all, its not as if they’re blood related.

Bailey is of average height with long blonde hair and flawless skin. She’s still got some baby fat on her, but what’s so sexy about her is that she’s clearly in heat and is not shy about it. This bitch is itching to get fucked.

Anyways, we next see her in the same room as her stepbro as he is exercising. She’s telling him how hot his body is while she is caressing his biceps. (Yup. This slut is really asking for it.) At first, he’s annoyed and tells her to go to her room. He tells her that he’s her older stepbro, that she’s his stepsister, that what she’s doing is not right. All of this to no effect. Her hand kept travelling down his body and as her probing fingers reaches his growing crotch, all of his reservations went out the window. The next thing we see is Bailey on her knees giving her stepbro a blowjob with both of his hands in the back of her head, forcing his hard dick deeper down her throat. We then see a side view of her still on her knees and still giving him a bj with her tits hanging out. He pops at this point and she spits out a wad of cum. I guess she hasn’t learned to swallow yet.

The next scene is with him sleeping on the couch. She wakes him up with a kiss and a warning to keep it quiet as their folks are home. He asks her if they can fuck and she says he can do whatever he wants so fuck away he did. The first position was with her on top so that she can control the pace as she gets used to his dick. The next position was her on her back with him pounding away at her. He then pulls out, straddles her chest, and cums full on on her face. She says he’s the best bro ever and he just shushes her and goes to his room, leaving on her the couch with his spunk splattered all over her. At least she swallows it this time around so she’s a quick understudy.

I can’t wait for their next get together.

Bailey Brooke