Abi Grace is Fucked

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Abi Grace, a lithe straight haired blonde teen, was desperate to use someone’s car. Since she saw her stepbro fast asleep on the couch, she tried to steal his keys but got caught when the prick woke up all of a sudden just when her hands where in his pants pocket.

He was really pissed at first, but changed his tune real quick. He was willing to let things slide if she’d let him take some pictures of her tits for his spank bank. Like I said, this guy is a prick. She was aghast at first, saying that he was her stepbrother, but when she saw he wasn’t bothered about it at all, she went for it on the condition that he keep his mouth shut. So he whipped out his smartphone, and took the pictures as she lifted up her crop top to show her gorgeous tits with their small areoles you usually find on white chics. Always wanting the last word, Abi showed him the bird as he was taking the pictures.

The next day, Abi tried to sneak out of the house but was stopped by the asshole stepbrother saying that she was grounded. Desperate, she said that there were dudes waiting for her in a rave she promised to go to and that she’s willing to suck his dick as long he doesn’t squeal and lets her go. And that’s how it all began.

Jokingly, he took her up on her offer of a blow job, thinking she’d never follow through, but blow him she did right there and then with him sitting on the couch. At first, he thought she was kidding, but when she started to unbuckle his belt, he finally realized that she was dead serious. The next thing we see is her grasping his dick by the shaft and sucking away at the head. She wasn’t skilled enough to deep throat, but it sufficed to make him cum after giving her some pointers from a male perspective. What a sweetheart! Afterwards, she went right out the door to her rave. When he warned her not to fucking tell anyone, her flippant response was ‘Whatever’ and went on her way.

Cut to the following day and we see Abi washing dishes. You can tell her mind was elsewhere when she dropped something in the disposal and stupidly tried to grab it causing the ring on her finger to got stuck in the chopper thingy. Thank God it wasn’t ON. Anyways, she calls her stepbro for help. (He found her predicament extremely funny.) Because her back was turned to him, his crotch was right against her ass while he tried to unstuck her hand to no avail. Well, it was kind of a hot situation to be in causing him to get hard. On her part, she was getting turned on too. The next thing we see was him fucking her doggy style with her left leg propped up against the kitchen counter, giving us a glorious view of raw nature in action. Sweet!

Alli Rae is a Blonde Bombshell Babysitter

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We’ve got an awkward situation here. Ali Rae, a blonde bombshell babysitter with gorgeous blue green eyes is being interviewed by a dude she was supposed to babysit. The guy was trying to make small talk by asking if she was 15 years old. I guess she took it as a diss and snapped that she was actually 18 years old and then asked him why he broke up with girlfriend, nastily speculating that it was probably because his penis was too small. He responded that it was above average. (You can tell at this point that he was getting his hackles up.) After a pregnant pause, she asked for him to prove it, thinking that he’d never take her up on it. But when he stood up, pushed his grey joggers to his ankles and showed her his impressive already erect dick, that’s when the fun started.

As soon as Ali saw his tool all ready to do what God designed it for, she went all gaga. Her demeanor changed from being dismissively patronizing to all out adoring. The bitch’s mouth was practically drooling. She got down on her hands and knees and chomped on that thing as soon as he let her. (She wasn’t of course biting on the dick. She just gave it a really good blow job. You know what I mean.)

The next scene with the horny pair was on the all white couch. The dude’s dick was buried deep inside her pussy, and he was doing her side-style. He was really pounding away at her and stimulating her clit from time to time with his free hand. As for her, she was completely naked showing her gorgeous tits and her completely shaved pussy. Despite it being shaved, its a safe bet that with Ali’s case, the carpet does indeed match the drapes which is always good. He still had his grey hoody on though. I guess he was just too impatient to do her to take it off. What can I say? Dudes will be dudes.

The next position is reverse cowgirl which allowed her to control some of the pace. Thing is though, he had one hand clutching her left ass as she pumped, clearly indicating too her that he ultimately controls the fucking action, even in this position. Like I said, dudes will be dudes.

Stacey Leann is a Punished Teen

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So today, we’ve got ginger teen, Stacy Leann, knocking on her strict and super religious uncle’s door, wearing nothing but a teeny tiny pink top and even tinier shorty shorts, the combination of which leaves her navel exposed along with her long legs, showing miles of milky white skin. This girl is one sexy bitch.

Anyways, she was sent to this conservative Christian home by her mom to get herself straightened out. Her mom says she’s just been too wild and rebellious, not to mention very promiscuous. Stacy disagrees with that assessment but doesn’t put up too much of argument. She changed her outfit as per request and started her rehabilitation right there then by doing chores.

She had two tasks allocated to her that day. The first was to clean the kitchen followed by the bathroom. You can tell that her rebelious nature was starting to show when she rolled her eyes as the dude expected to go on her hands and knees while cleaning. When he said to make sure to put some elbow grease into it, she snapped that there’s no way that she’s going to put that much effort to something that’s not hers.

That’s when she received her first warning about back talking, that the Lord would not appreciate it. Her response to that was a flippant ‘Whatever’ which is when the dude knew that he is going to have to put it up a notch in order to rehabilitate this disrespectful bitch. By the way he was eyeing her shapely ass as he contemplates his dilemma, we sort of get a hint as to what his plan was going to be.

We next see the pair going home from church with the uncle waxing ecstatic about how good the Lord was and how He was going to fix her wild ways. That’s when Stacy lost it. She stripped naked, showing her tiny but shapely tits, and screamed that she’s had enough of his sanctimonious preaching and that she was going to behave as per who she is. Well, his response to that was that if that is how she was going to behave, then he was going to treat her as such, meaning that he was going to have a grand ole time with the slut that she is.

The next scene has the two in the living room with the uncle wearing a black wife beater, pant to his ankles, sporting a huge hardon as he made Stacy crawl on her knees while clutching her long red hair. He sat on the couch and had her blow him deep throat style. She gagged a bit, but she kept on at it. This slut has done this before.

He then had her on her knees on the couch and fucked her doggy style while her face was firmly pressed on the cushions. The next position was on her side with the dude relentlessly pounding her pussy with his huge tool. The final position was with Stacy on her back on the same couch. The dude is holding on to both her feet as he tries to fuck her rebelliousness out of her. The last thing we see is the uncle cumming on her gorgeous face.

So did he straighten her out? Who the fuck cares! What’s important is that it was super hot lay.