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Oh boy. Hot brunette teen, Carolina Sweet is in a whole shitload of trouble. We see her in a back office with no windows, sitting in a corner, being interrogated by the security dude for stealing stuff in her daddy’s store. She’s putting up a fight though, saying that no way did she steal anything and if he persists, she’ll tell her father and get him fired. (Yup, the dude does indeed work for her father.)

On a side note, Carolina is gorgeous in a girl-next-door kind of way. Although she’s in the small side height wise, she’s slim and lithe as is evident by the tight white tshirt she is wearing. Its when she takes off her pink baseball cap that we realize just how beautiful she is. She’s got blue grey eyes and with her long straight brown hair and her fine facial bone structure complete with a Marilyn Monroe-esque mole on her upper lip, she is a knock out, an all around hottie. What’s more, she knows she’s hot and expects to get off the hook for shit she’s caused because of it. That’s why with bitches like Carolina, I love thinking about someone sticking it to her, the bigger the better, in every hole that she’s got which is basically what happens in this clip, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

So she’s furious that she got left alone in the back room for so long. When the dude does eventually come back, it’s obvious that her threats to get him fired is all hot air. When he leaves her alone in the room again, she tries to hide the stuff that she lifted somewhere in the room, but the dumb bitch didn’t know that the room has got CCTV and she just dug a deeper hole for herself.

When the dude points out her mistake, she tries to get out of it by the trying the crying chic bit, but that didn’t work. In desperation, she asks him what she can do. He replies with a smirk, ‘Clean my pipes.’ It wasn’t clear at first what he meant (because he’s a generation or two older than her), but when he stood up and showed his humungous hardon through his pants, she gulped and had no choice to give him what he wants.

It was creepy yet very hot when he started caressing her head and face. When he got to her tits and started cupping them through her tshirt, even Carolina was starting to get turned on about what’s about to go down. She tried to back off when he pulled his pants down and showed her just how thick a dick she’s about to take, but it only took the threat of calling her dad to convince her to go ahead with the inevitable. So she gagged her way through the blowjob and the actual fucking was nothing if not satisfyingly rough, stuck up bitch that she is. Watch the clip to see what I mean.

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