Beach Bikers Jessie Lynn and Olivia Lua

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To all you pussy hounds out there, have I got a treat for you! I’ve got a young fucking hot Olivia Lua and her bleached blonde mulatto chic friend, Selina, being woken up by Jessie Lynn to prepare for their first day of vacation in gloriously sunny Miami. While in bed, the bitches are naked, of course, so we’ve got a preview of what the lucky dude in the scene will get to play with. I tell you, these girls are tight and I’d pay good money to trade places with him anyday. Just seeing their tits, perfect as they are, is making me green with envy, not to mention giving me a painful hard on.

So all three of them make a show of putting on matching black one piece bathing suits with a plunging neckline, making sure that there’s footage there of them cupping and arranging their boobs so that they’re shown to perfection. After that’s done, off to the beach they go. On the way there, they happen to meet a dude with a shaven head whom they ask to hold the camera to video them while they act out their fantastically fun vacation. Without any hesitation, the dude says yes and we see footage of them riding their rental bikes along the boardwalk followed by exercise sessions on the beach where they do lunges and leap frogs. Things start to get really interesting when they start to twerk all over the place. He got so turned on, he actually paid for the bikes when it came time to return them. When the bitches decided to invite him to their room, he knew he scored and the action begins.

And this is how it all went down. The dude carries Jennie back to the room with the two bitches following closely behind. Don’t think he’s being gallant or anything. He carried her with her back against his chest with her legs splayed wide open like a firestation garage waiting for the firetruck. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out whose firetruck is going to penetrate that garage.

We then see the three BFFS girls giving the dude a blowjob. That scene was taken POV style and it was really hot to see their faces all next to each other (Selina’s is in the center), mouth wide open, servicing the dude’s engorged tool.

And then the fucking begins. It starts with Jessie taking it reverse cowgirl with the other two bitches on either side. The dude is jackhammering into her as she’s fingering herself while her two besties are fondling each other’s breast while they French kiss the other. Effing hot!

They switch positions and now Jessie is on her back, getting it missionary style. The other two girls are sort of hidden in this scene but you can hear them egging her on so that they can get their turn.

Now its Selina’s turn and like Jessie, she’s taking it reverse cowgirl with Jessie helping out by guiding the dude’s dick as he pounds her pussy. Damn bro, to see these BFFS chicks in action is really a must!

If this day is any indication as tho how their vacation is going to be, Id say its going to be chock full of cum.

BFFS Jessie Lynn and Olivia Lua
BFFS Beach Bikers
Best Friends Forever

Alice March and Her Cowgirls Fucked at the Farm

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Alice March and her possey of cowgirls may work hard, but they play even harder, especially when it involves a hard throbbing dick of some lucky dude who stumbled on them when they were in the mood to fuck.

The clip begins with the guy smuggling a camera into the barn where Alice and her friends were working in. These so called cowgirls were dressed up like Daisy Duke of the Dukes of Hazzard, complete with denim cutoffs so short and tight. they might as well be panties. Also, they are all wearing plaid long sleeve shirts with the lower ends tied so that their belly buttons are showing. With all of that firm young flesh on display, I wouldn’t blame anyone for wanting to do the nasty right there and then in that dirty old barn. Anyways, they see the dude with his camera and they go ape shit! At first, they’re suspicious as to why he’s carrying a camera, but when it dawns of them that here’s a dick that could scratch the special itch that they currently have, they lick their lips and smile at the fresh meat. The next thing we see is one of the girls on her knees, greasing up the dude’s cock with her saliva.

After the cock worship session, he pulls it out of her mouth and sticks it into Alice’s sopping wet pussy. Alice is on all fours at this point while she is fucked relentlessly by the guy as her friends egg them on like fraternity brothers in a gangbang scenario. Proper Southern women these girls are not. They are more like horned up college guys on Viagra, intent on getting a load off at all costs.

When Alice has had her fill, the girls pass him to a waiting brunette who takes him in a reverse cowgirl position. It was really hot to see his dick slip out while he’s pumping away, causing her to reach down between her legs to slip it back in. The guy moves to another brunette whom he fucks in a doggy positiom, showing off her really fine ass. Then its back to Alice who decides to be fucked side style. I tell you, this guys dick must have been sore from all the servicing he gave. Sore or not though, he just can’t wait to give a repeat performance.

Alice March BFFS
BFFS Teamskeet
Best Friends Forever