Alexa Nova Asks For Permission To Cum

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So redhead Alex Nova is either anxiously waiting by the doorway or peering out the foyer window. Her hair is cut in a severe bob like the singer Sia but long in back. She’s got on long fake eyelashes, cat’s eyes mascara, and what looks like a form hugging, long sleeved nude dress that is cut mid thigh with a slit on each side that goes up to her waist. With this getup, she looks like a white, high priced call girl working in Japan.

A sleek, silver hatchback rolls up the driveway and out of it comes none other than Bruno, dressed in formal business attire. Alex smiles broadly, smooths down her dress, and does a little bunny hop like a little girl waiting for her Christmas presents. At this point, I’m wondering what Bruno has to make this hot bitch so excited for his return? Does he give her cool threads? Jewelry maybe? Well, we shall soon find out.

As soon as Bruno crosses the threshold, Alex is all over him. First she loosens his tie and then unbuttons the top buttons of his dress shirt. She takes off the tie after which he raises both arms for her to unbutton his cuffs and roll them up his arms. She caresses his crotch lightly and they proceed into the house. Once in the hallway, he points to the floor and she gets on all fours and crawls to the living room couch which is one of those L shaped affairs. She heads to the inner corner and opens her crotch suggestively, revealing her red thong panties. He gets behind her, grabs her neck in one hand, and begins to fondle her tits with his other hand.

Alexa Nova fingered in her pussy
He makes a beeline for her pussy where he pushes her thong to one side, spreads her cunt lips open, and finger fucks her roughly. He’s really going at it and when she asks permission to cum in between her squeals of pleasure, he says not yet. He then walks from behind the couch to the front. He grabs his crotch and his blow job begins.

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Now Bruno is hung like a donkey which is why Alexa couldn’t help but grab her hair, wondering how her little mouth will be able to take it this time. But like a good little slave, she gives it her all, not that she has a choice in the matter. At this point, we now know what Bruno has that makes Alexa quiver in anticipation for his return: he fucks her silly and she loves it like the slut slave that she is.

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So she begins to blow him and she can’t help but gag due to his enormous size which is exactly what Bruno wanted to happen.

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And so the fucking begins. Bruno pushes her to her hands and knees, pushes the crotch of her panties to the side, and fucks her doggy style. Like when she blew him, she had a hard time taking him in during his first few hard thrusts.

Alexa Nova gets her face covered in sperm
But like all good slaves, she gets used to his size splitting her open which is when she starts to enjoy it. Grudgingly, he gives permission for her to cum, but not before he dumps his spunk all over her face as shown in the pic above. Ah, Alexa really knows what she likes and isn’t ashamed to work for it.

Alexa Nova
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Permission to Cum with Alexa Nova

Doggy Style Crack Down with Shane Blair

Doggy Style Crack Down with Shane Blair
Brunette teen Shane Blair is a part time dogsitter. In this clip, we see her visiting her new client Richie at his home. He has to go out of town for a few days and he’s leaving his beloved dog in Shane’s supposedly capable hands. When he gets back, he noticed that he doesn’t hear the usual ecstatic barking as he walks up to his front door. Instead, he enters his house to find Shane sitting forlornly at the corner with very bad news for him. Apparently, his dog ran off during his walk and is now lost. Richie is fucking furious! That dog means the world to him and now, all he sees is red. The thing about Richie is that when he gets mad, he gets super horny so now, he’s going to teach Shane a lesson she’s not likely to forget.

First, he gets her to her knees so that she can deep throat him. For added measure, he gets her to suck on his balls as well. He then has her on all fours and with his dick burried deep in her mouth, he walks backwards and forces her to follow on all fours like the dog she lost. He then pulls her by the hair and leads her to the bedroom where he fucks her doggy style. Appropriate, no?

Shane Blair Doggystyle
We next see Shane on top of Richie but he is still clearly setting the pace. He also put a black leash around her neck so there is no doubt who is controlling who. Nevertheless, Shane is enjoying the hard fucking she is getting, judging from the oohs and aahs emanating from her mouth as she gets banged.

Doggy Style Crack Down
When he is about to pop, he pulls out and milks his long schlong into his missing dog’s water dish. He then gets her to lick every drop of his spunk from the dish to remind her just how worthless piece of shit she is when it comes to taking care of dogs. Worthless dogsitter or not, one thing for sure is that Shane Blair is a fucking good lay.

Shane Blair
Doggy Style Crack Down
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