Lily Jordan Is Fucked By Her Stepbro

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Our chic of the day is none other than brunette teen, Lily Jordan. She’s got an OK face and a tight, hot body. What makes her stand out though in the porn business is her insatiable and seemingly unquenchable appetite for fucking. Watch this clip to see what I mean.

The scene begins with Lily and her stepbro in their parent’s apartment. The power suddenly goes out and after the requisite swearing at the power company, they’re left to their own devices for their entertainment. So she resorts to the age old ‘Truth or Dare’. He begins it with a raunchy question of how many dudes she’s fucked. Without any embarrassment whatsoever, this bitch says about twenty dudes. He intended this question to embarrass the shit out of her so that she would stop wanting to play the stupid game, but it certainly did not work. Now its her turn and she can give as good (if not better) than she gets. She asks if he’s fantasized about her sexually. Aghast, he starts blubbering about she’s his stepsister and all that jazz but after seeing how interested she really is about his answer, he admits to it and takes it a step further by asking her to show a nipple. She shows not one but two nipples so he asks for her to take her whole shirt off to see what she’s really got. I guess Lily really wants to get off because she whips her shirt off and shows her budding boobs in their full glory. He then dares her to stroke his dick which she does expertly. At this point, he’s fully into the game and can’t wait for her next move.

She doesn’t disappoint by asking him to finger her and when he reached over to stroke for her cunt under her skirt, he’s pleasantly surprised to find her panty-less. So he buries both his index and forefinger deep in her twat. Incredibly, she’s really tight despite the twenty dudes that have had their way with her in the past and gets even more turned on. He can’t wait to get the chance to replace his fingers with his dick.

The following day, he finds Lily Jordan in the living room, pissed off as hell and bored as fuck. Apparently, her car broke down and she’s now stuck in the house with nothing to do. Not wanting to get caught up in her funk, he said something glib and skedaddled back to his room. Lily follows him though because she realizes that he’s her only form of entertainment in the next couple of hours while she gets her ride fixed. You know how kids these days are so afraid of boredom. Anyways, she wants to play an innocent game of cards but he takes it a step further by wanting to play a game of Strip Poker, hoping that this will be the way he’ll get to finish what they started the day before. Well, Lily agreed to the game change and let’s just say he got the outcome that his dick was aching for.

Lili Jordan fucked at SisLovesMe

Layla London is Punished and Brutally Fucked

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Rough sex afficionados, this clip is IT! We’ve got super sexy Layla London, wearing really short shorts and a blue printed bikini (which shows off her perfect tits) in a living room setting, hitting the books for her upcoming exams. Like most of us, she has her limits, and when she reached it, she had to let off some steam. You can only study so much.

In comes her boyfriend, Bruno, to the rescue, to whom she tells what she really needs to relax. Whereas most of us would ask for a nice takeout meal and/or a long massage, Layla was hankering for something different. She asked to be fucked and hard at that. Being the good boyfriend that he is, Bruno was more than willing to comply. This is what he did:

First, he suddenly clutches at her throat like a cobra striking at its prey. He then tongues her ear and says, ‘Say no more.’ Then he pulls her tits out from her bikini and once out, he roughly inserts his right hand inside her shorts and finger fucks her, while alternately biting each nipple. I can tell you now, this guy can give it as rough as Layla likes it and then some, that’s for sure!

Then he puts her in a doggy position, yanks her shorts mid-thigh, and fucks her to kingdom come while yanking at her hair to control the pace which was not too fast but was long, hard, and deep. This dude is hung like a donkey, by the way, so its a safe bet that this bitch felt as if his dick was touching her tonsils as he plowed into her like a jackhammer in slow motion.

Next, we see her still in the doggy position, but this time face down in the couch which allows us to see just how engorged his tool is as he fucks her. There are red welts on each ass cheek so there was major slapping going on. By the ecstatic moans coming from her mouth, its clear that Layla’s getting what she wanted.

The next position is with her on her back with his left hand holding her right thigh with his dick buried deep in her pussy. His right hand is slapping each tit while he fucks her, leaving red marks on each breast. To take a break from the slaps, he clutches at each tit, as if squeezing a round sponge. Super hot!

Bruno is really giving it to her and if Layla is feeling any pain, she is not showing it. Her body language is just screaming, ‘Give it to me!’ so give it to her he did.

Layla London
Punished Teen
Punished teen Layla London

Shyla Ryder and Liza Rowe Fuck Their Best Friend’s Brother

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Shyla Ryder and Liza Rowe visit their chic friend’s apartment for a long awaited BFF get together. The chic’s brother is in the apartment at the time, but that shouldn’t be a problem, or so the she thought. She did tell him not to come into her bedroom while her friends were over to which he retorted that he definitely won’t be coming near her room and that they better not stare at him like they usually do. He said that her friends did this to him before like ‘little creeps’. This visit is starting to get very interesting.

So Shyla and Liza finally arrive and they’re fucking gorgeous! They both got straight blond hair, mid shoulder, and parted to the side. Paired with beautiful faces and tight young bodies, these bitches are man killers and they know it. When they saw the brother there, they started on him right away, being all flirty and shit but he wasn’t giving them any love so they retired to the bedroom.

There, they stripped and changed into onesies with a detachable bottom. WTF! Ive never seen onesies like that before. Anyways, we get to see their bodies in their birthday suits and let me tell you, these girls have asses to die for.

For reasons unexplained, the next scene we see is Liza giving head to the brother with her two friend fast asleep next to them. I guess either he just couldn’t resist having a willing pussy in the same house as he is or she just lured him in to do what guys do best. Whatever the reason, it was fucking hot to watch him doing his thing with Liza, and the two bitches out cold beside them made the scene that much more erotic. Also, let me tell you, those detachable bottoms in the onesie came in handy judging from all the positions he fucked her in. Its odd, but they were really hotter than stripper lingerie. I kid you not. I mean, he just fucked her while she still had them on, often times pulling at it as if it was a harness and she was a thoroughbred racehorse. When he finally popped while in a doggy position, he came all over her ass and just reattached the onesy’s detachable flap. Now that’s what I call, ‘Wham bam thank you, Ma’am’.

I’m now wondering if he did the other two bitches after Liza. That would have been SO hot!

BFFS Shyla Ryder and Liza Rowe
Shyla Ryder and Liza Rowe fucking best friends brother
Best Friends Forever

Lily Rader, Sadie Pop and Valentina Nappi Are Fucked In This Compilation

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In this compilation, we have got bitches galore. We start with Valentina Nappi, a tiny, spoiled little thing walking into her fancy schmancy house finding no one there. She plops down to her bad, whips out her diary, and whines that she got no gifts that day from anyone. What a cunt! But she’s hot though, with her milky white skin and tatted shoulders.

The scene switches to some tall black dude walking down a stairway of an even fancier home, cell phone in hand, calling for a baby sitter. I wonder which they’ll send this one. She better like big ones, that’s for sure. The dude is packing.

We move on to a white couple, making out on the couch. Sadie Pop tells the guy she’s finally ready. The guy is pleasantly surprised with his hand making a beeline to her love box.

On to a classroom setting with a black male teacher, very well spoken complete with black spectacles, trying to teach a dumb blonde student all about Black History.

Back to the scene with the black dude looking for a babysitter. He walks in to his living room, finding his current babysitter slacking off on his couch while eating his candy. The dude is pissed.

Back to the black professor. We see the dumb student Lily Rader coming on real heavy to the teacher, caressing his huge black dick behind his dress pants, saying that all she really needs is a better grade than what he originally gave her.

Back to Valentina. We see her chomping on a tall, bald dude’s schlong. Why he’s wearing a toga, i have no fucking clue nor do I care. My eyes are glued to Valentina, showing us what she is clearly born to do.

The action is getting real hot and heavy now. We see the babysitter on her knees with the black guy grasping her by her blonde hair while pushing his crotch against her mouth. He whips out his dick and feeds it to her. He roughly pulls down her blouse to see tits, spitting on then and slapping her nipples. This niggah really likes it rough.

Lexie Candy anal fucked by Danny D

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The scene begin with Lexie Candy on her knees in a warehouse somewhere worshipping Danny D’s immense tool. The schlong on this guy raises fear on the faces of most jaded whores. Anyways, Lexie, wearing a polka dot mini dress, is having a grand ol’ time. She has on heavy makeup with long eyelashes and Cleopatra eyeshadow. I think she’s French judging from her accent. You can tell that when she gets older, she’ll probably be fat. Nevertheless, the important thing is that right now, she is perfect, hot as fuck with curves in all the right places.

With his trademark cap on, Danny D. stands Lexi up and gets her to lean on a wall. He shoves up her skirt, pushes her blood red thong panties to one side, and fucks her cunt. He is rough with her as well, thrusting like a jackhammer, and talking dirty to her while clasping her throat.

All of a sudden, he pulls out his cock, slaps her ass, and tells her to beg for it which she does like a two bit French whore. He starts to penetrate her again, but instead of her pussy, he goes for her bung hole, the first thrust of which makes her squeal in pleasure mixed with pain. He pays her no mind and does her like a man possessed.

The scene switches to a couch somewhere in the same room. They’re both fully naked now except that he still has his long sleeved shirt on. He is cupping her tit while fucking her up her ass, pounding away mercilessly. They switch position with her on top with him still thrusting like the Energizer bunny.

They switch positions again. This time, she’s lying on the backrest of the couch, legs spread wide open as he fucks in the ass while twisting her nipples, all the while talking dirty to her, saying how much of a whore she is by loving the D treatments she is getting. He has his shirt off now, probably because he is sweating from the pounding he is giving her. This dude is a real fuck machine that’s for sure.

Elsa Jean Is Fucked By Her Friend’s Dad

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My name is Elsa Jean and today is father-daughter night. To kick off this anticipated event, we decided to visit my friend, Liza Rowe and her dad who was having their own father-daughter night. Ive seen Liza plenty over the years but this is the first time I really had a chance to lay my eyes on her dad. He looks older than mine, but way sexier with his lean body and circular wrist tattoo. During dinner, I decided to get some idea of how hung he is so I toe-ed his junk under the table while we were having dinner. Liza was fully aware of what I was doing. She and I are sluts that way. In fact, she was doing the same to my dad and neither of us were disappointed by the size and heft of their baby makers.

Anyways, it seems that our two dads had their own pow wow while they were alone in the kitchen. They spoke about what just got done to them by the other’s daughter and they want to get each other’s permission to take it to the next level later that night. In other words, they wanted to fuck the beejesus out of the girl so brazen and slutty as to cop a feel of their junk while their dad was in the same table just inches away. Well, neither had an objection and they went back to dinner with a smirk on their faces and a raging hard on for what will happen that night.

Just to be clear. I am no virgin. With my long, straight, blonde hair and tight, slim body with tits just the right size (not too big not too small), you can’t really blame me for being used to the feel of a dick up my twat. The dick I was now lusting after was Liza’s dad and I knew he was going to come to my room later that night to give me what I want, just like my own dad will do to Liza. Heck, they’ll probably be doing the dirty deed at the same time just at different rooms. I just can’t wait! Elsa Jean will get serviced tonight.

Daughters Fucked

Lea Guerlin On Freddy Fox’s Dick

British stud Freddy Fox rescues sexy teen Lea Guerlin from being mugged by two thugs while walking down the street. He brings her home and then lowers her in the tub so that she can take a bath to wash away the residual slime not to mention the memory of the mugging. Instead, Leah falls into a deep sleep while still in the tub.

Afraid that she might catch a chill, Freddy wakes her up by turning on the tap in the nearby sink. Lea wakes up and in an Eastern European accent asks where she is. He explains what happened which left Leah super grateful.

Wondering how she can repay his kindness, she then sees the outline of his growing dick which tells her what Freddy really wants. With a knowing smile, she turns around to give him a full view of her sweet ass and asks him if he can help her undress. Leah is one fucking hot chic from Eastern Europe, with the sexy, tight body and uninhibited attitude towards sex that girls from that part of the world all seem to have. Even her broken English gives guys a hard on. So can you blame Freddy for not being able to resist?

He tries to at first, but with one clutch of her tight butt cheek, he knows that he’s a goner. He takes off her short shorts, followed by her pink thong and admires her sweet ass. Leah then goes to town on his dick and the action moves to the kitchen where Freddy shows her (and her pussy) how big he really is.

So not only does Lea Guerlin gets rescued, she also gets serviced by a knight in shining armor (with a tool to match). Lucky girl.