Lea Guerlin On Freddy Fox’s Dick

British stud Freddy Fox rescues sexy teen Lea Guerlin from being mugged by two thugs while walking down the street. He brings her home and then lowers her in the tub so that she can take a bath to wash away the residual slime not to mention the memory of the mugging. Instead, Leah falls into a deep sleep while still in the tub.

Afraid that she might catch a chill, Freddy wakes her up by turning on the tap in the nearby sink. Lea wakes up and in an Eastern European accent asks where she is. He explains what happened which left Leah super grateful.

Wondering how she can repay his kindness, she then sees the outline of his growing dick which tells her what Freddy really wants. With a knowing smile, she turns around to give him a full view of her sweet ass and asks him if he can help her undress. Leah is one fucking hot chic from Eastern Europe, with the sexy, tight body and uninhibited attitude towards sex that girls from that part of the world all seem to have. Even her broken English gives guys a hard on. So can you blame Freddy for not being able to resist?

He tries to at first, but with one clutch of her tight butt cheek, he knows that he’s a goner. He takes off her short shorts, followed by her pink thong and admires her sweet ass. Leah then goes to town on his dick and the action moves to the kitchen where Freddy shows her (and her pussy) how big he really is.

So not only does Lea Guerlin gets rescued, she also gets serviced by a knight in shining armor (with a tool to match). Lucky girl.

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