Lily Jordan Is Fucked By Her Stepbro

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Our chic of the day is none other than brunette teen, Lily Jordan. She’s got an OK face and a tight, hot body. What makes her stand out though in the porn business is her insatiable and seemingly unquenchable appetite for fucking. Watch this clip to see what I mean.

The scene begins with Lily and her stepbro in their parent’s apartment. The power suddenly goes out and after the requisite swearing at the power company, they’re left to their own devices for their entertainment. So she resorts to the age old ‘Truth or Dare’. He begins it with a raunchy question of how many dudes she’s fucked. Without any embarrassment whatsoever, this bitch says about twenty dudes. He intended this question to embarrass the shit out of her so that she would stop wanting to play the stupid game, but it certainly did not work. Now its her turn and she can give as good (if not better) than she gets. She asks if he’s fantasized about her sexually. Aghast, he starts blubbering about she’s his stepsister and all that jazz but after seeing how interested she really is about his answer, he admits to it and takes it a step further by asking her to show a nipple. She shows not one but two nipples so he asks for her to take her whole shirt off to see what she’s really got. I guess Lily really wants to get off because she whips her shirt off and shows her budding boobs in their full glory. He then dares her to stroke his dick which she does expertly. At this point, he’s fully into the game and can’t wait for her next move.

She doesn’t disappoint by asking him to finger her and when he reached over to stroke for her cunt under her skirt, he’s pleasantly surprised to find her panty-less. So he buries both his index and forefinger deep in her twat. Incredibly, she’s really tight despite the twenty dudes that have had their way with her in the past and gets even more turned on. He can’t wait to get the chance to replace his fingers with his dick.

The following day, he finds Lily Jordan in the living room, pissed off as hell and bored as fuck. Apparently, her car broke down and she’s now stuck in the house with nothing to do. Not wanting to get caught up in her funk, he said something glib and skedaddled back to his room. Lily follows him though because she realizes that he’s her only form of entertainment in the next couple of hours while she gets her ride fixed. You know how kids these days are so afraid of boredom. Anyways, she wants to play an innocent game of cards but he takes it a step further by wanting to play a game of Strip Poker, hoping that this will be the way he’ll get to finish what they started the day before. Well, Lily agreed to the game change and let’s just say he got the outcome that his dick was aching for.

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