Trisha Parks and Chloe Couture are Fucked in a Threesome

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This clip begins with Trisha Parks and Chloe Couture, two blonde beauties, talking about bondage toys Trisha stumbled upon in her mom’s panty drawer while she was looking for spare cash for them to go shopping with. Obviously, her mom was into kink which she had no clue about. Both of them were very intrigued by it. They decided to try it out for themselves after doing some research on the web. So off they go, hand in hand, to her bedroom, all giggly and excited in anticipation.

The next shot shows both of them in Trisha’s bed. In front of them is a laptop computer presumably showing kinky bondage stuff that they researched. Their first foray into the world of bondage was pretty tame. Chloe took the rope and tied Trisha’s hands behind her back. As the rope circled Trisha’s tits, she said it really felt good, like doing something forbidden. You can see her nipples harden like pencil erasers and it looked fucking hot. Thing is, they didn’t really know what they were doing and the web can only teach so much so they decided to invite a dude over to help educate them.

When the dude arrived, they brought him to the bedroom and explained what they wanted him to help them with. He said, ‘So you want me to tie you up and then what?’ Their coy response was whatever he does when he’s got other girls tied up and helpless. That’s when he roughly yanked them to their feet and told them to take their fucking clothes off. This guy meant business. Although the two sluts were taken aback, they started to strip. But they weren’t doing it fast it enough so he yanked their shorts off for them and started to tie them up tight so they can’t escape.

He then gagged them both with a black piece of cloth and had them on their knees. He whipped out his dick and slapped their mouths with it. When he was sufficiently hard, he took of Trisha’s gag and face fucked her. I guess Chloe got scared and tried to get away, but the dude grabbed her by the ropes and told her to stay put so that he can give them what they both wanted.

And give it to them, he did. He deep throated Chloe with both his hands at the back of her head so the only way she can go is down his shaft. When he got tired of that, he grasped her by the throat as if to amplify the gagging sounds she was making. This guy really likes his sex rough.

We next see him fucking Trisha doggy style with her face firmly planted on the mattress and his right hand against her mouth. I guess he wanted to keep her fucking sounds quiet. The funny thing was that Chloe was looking on, eyes round as marbles as if wondering how such a big dick could fit in such a tight pussy. When he noticed her staring, he dragged her head down in the same position as Trisha’s and told her ominously that she’s next.

And next she was, that’s for sure.