Anya Olsen gasping for air from brutal treatment

Download the full HD scene with Piper PerriBruno came to see his girlfriend and surprise her. He had even planned a romantic dinner later in hope He might get some action. It had been a long time since he had gotten some pussy from his, always too busy, girlfriend.. Of course she stood him up once again and Bruno was feeling pissed off. He drove all the way to her house for nothing.. Anya, her sister, was at the house and she was always lurking around. Clearly he wanted to fuck him for a while now and this was her opportunity to get what she had been craving for so long. She paraded infront of him in her panties and a small top, showing off and trying to entice him.

Hearing that her sister blew Bruno of she quickly jumps on the couch and lets him vent his frustration while she manipulates the situation to where Anya wants him to ravage her after learning about Bruno’s enjoyment of rough, punishing, violent sex. She begs for him to do what ever he wants to her and teach her all his wicked ways. She wants it bad! He grabs her by her hair and throat and continues to ram his thick dick down he open mouth. She gags and gasps for air but is obedient and does loves the hard treatment. She is a little slut after all.

He keeps covering her face and mouth and she can hardly breath. All red in her whore face her eyes roll back in ecstasy as she is pounded hard on the couch. He even is kind enough to fill her face with a sticky load. This is exactly the lessons she had been hoping for and so desperately needed. From now on she will be his little sex slave and he will fuck her instead of her stuck up sister.Laundry day turns in to rough fuck for Kacey Quinn

Laundry day turns in to rough fuck for Kacey Quinn

Download the full HD scene with Kacey Quinn

I don’t know about you but doing laundry is fucking boring and laundry day is usually nothing special. But for Kacey Quinn this laundry day is about to turn out to be a day like no other she has ever experienced.

Home alone, Kacey was full at work and did not realise that there was a burglar creeping around her house. After doing all that house work she went into the kitchen to take a break and have some water to cool off.  The burglar was now looking for a way to get into the house and take what ever he wanted. After breaking and entering the burglar quickly found and manhandled Kacey in the kitchen asking her where her jewelry was. Valuing her life she started to grab at his dick and made him know that she would do anything as long as he did not hurt her. This offer was better then any cash or valuables and who could turn down an offer like that? To have full access to Kacey Quinns holes and get to do what ever to her? hell yeah the burglar thought! This is my lucky day!

He chocked and draged her to the bedroom and while there he threw her on the bed, rendered her defenseless by tying her up. Then he continued to savagely ravage her and punish fucked her senseless.  After filling her with hard dick strokes he forced her to swallow every last drop of his stranger cum. It was truly a exciting laundry day to say the least, a day Kacey never will forget and secretly she loved the hard treatment and being punished like the true slut she is. Next laundry day she will have to wash out the cum stains of her assailant from her dirty sheets!

Laundry day turns in to rough fuck for Kacey Quinn