Lily Rader, Sadie Pop and Valentina Nappi Are Fucked In This Compilation

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In this compilation, we have got bitches galore. We start with Valentina Nappi, a tiny, spoiled little thing walking into her fancy schmancy house finding no one there. She plops down to her bad, whips out her diary, and whines that she got no gifts that day from anyone. What a cunt! But she’s hot though, with her milky white skin and tatted shoulders.

The scene switches to some tall black dude walking down a stairway of an even fancier home, cell phone in hand, calling for a baby sitter. I wonder which they’ll send this one. She better like big ones, that’s for sure. The dude is packing.

We move on to a white couple, making out on the couch. Sadie Pop tells the guy she’s finally ready. The guy is pleasantly surprised with his hand making a beeline to her love box.

On to a classroom setting with a black male teacher, very well spoken complete with black spectacles, trying to teach a dumb blonde student all about Black History.

Back to the scene with the black dude looking for a babysitter. He walks in to his living room, finding his current babysitter slacking off on his couch while eating his candy. The dude is pissed.

Back to the black professor. We see the dumb student Lily Rader coming on real heavy to the teacher, caressing his huge black dick behind his dress pants, saying that all she really needs is a better grade than what he originally gave her.

Back to Valentina. We see her chomping on a tall, bald dude’s schlong. Why he’s wearing a toga, i have no fucking clue nor do I care. My eyes are glued to Valentina, showing us what she is clearly born to do.

The action is getting real hot and heavy now. We see the babysitter on her knees with the black guy grasping her by her blonde hair while pushing his crotch against her mouth. He whips out his dick and feeds it to her. He roughly pulls down her blouse to see tits, spitting on then and slapping her nipples. This niggah really likes it rough.