Peyton Robbie Is Fucked By Her Step Brother

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This clip begins with brunette Peyton Robbie, walking into her living room dressed to kill (albeit in a slutty sort of way) wearing a red halter top paired with a black miniskirt and fuck me stilettos. She’s looking for her cell phone and was asking her step brother if he saw it. (The clip is in a POV format so you you’ll only hear the stepbro. You won’t be able to see his face.)

Anyways, the dude said that he hasn’t seen her phone and asked where she was going. She said she was going out with a couple of her friends, first to dinner then to a club. Here’s the interesting part: She asked him what he thought of her outfit and then informed him that she wasn’t wearing any panties. She then lifted up her skirt to prove it, showing off her bubble butt with its milky white skin. WTF! The stepbro got all indignant and shit, saying that she was a weirdo and asking her why she was showing him stuff like that. So she took the hint, found her cellphone and said goodbye for the night.

I guess it was all an act on his part because as soon as she walked out the door, he unbuckles his belt (he’s sitting on the couch, btw) and proceeds to jerk off. The next thing we see is Peyton walking back into the house and catches him at it with his dick in hand.

With a wide smile on her face, she tell him that she forgot her purse and asked him what the fuck he was doing. Embarrassed as heck, he really couldn’t say anything intelligible so she slowly walked towards him and said, ‘You really liked my outfit, huh?’ She comes really close and nudging at his exposed dick, she asks if he needed any help with it. I guess he says yes because the next thing we see is Peyton Robbie on her knees giving his tool the lollipop treatment.

After that, she asks permission to sit on it and when he agreed, she took it in a reverse cowgirl position. She didn’t even take off her top. She just hiked up her skirt and because she had no panties on, it was buried up to the hilt in no time. With the dude having the camera, he then zoomed in on her ass as he plowed it with his tool, zeroing in on her bung hole.

He then flips her over and does her missionary style. In this position, we see that this bitch shaves down there but neglected to do so for the past week as the hairs were beginning to grow back. It was a super hot in a dirty sort of way.

All of a sudden, he pulls out and she’s back on her knees giving his dick the love that it deserves. This girl just can’t get enough.

Peyton Robbie

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Piper Perri fucked by huge cock
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