I Fucked My Step Sister Naiomi Mae

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Teen brunette Naomi Mae is not a happy camper! Wearing nothing but a black halter top with a mock neck ending a couple of inches above her belly button and paired with a hot pink bikini thong, she goes barging into her step brother’s room to confront him about his chronic laziness. She says she’s fed up cleaning up after him especially considering he’s not lifting a finger to help out.

He says that he was meaning to thank her and that he’s just been too busy lately to do anything about it. In response, she says that all she asks is for him to do what she tells him to do and to finish doing them when she gets home. Holy Shit! This is one bossy bitch.

Getting pissed off himself, he responds that this is their parents place and that she’s got no right to boss him around especially considering that he’s paying rent. To that, she replies that its not her job to do his chores when she’s got plenty of her own to do.

Seeing that there is not going to be an amicable resolution to this issue any time soon, he just asked her to get out of his room. With her right hand to her waste and her right leg extended, the bitch refused to do so saying that he’s got to be taught a lesson. She then saunters over to his bed where he’s currently lying and grabs his crotch through his jeans. Got it! Naomi is not pissed off because she’s been doing his chores. This slut has just got that special itch down south and is hankering for some dick action.

And dick action she got. First, she strokes the thing one handed and then once shes got it fully hard, she uses both hands, making sure that the foreskin fully covers the head as she strokes upwards and then fully retracts, exposing the naked shaft as she travels downwards. Even though she hasn’t even put it in her mouth yet, her stroking motion brought him to the brink, at which time, she abruptly lets go of his tool, announcing that his punishment is him not being allowed to cum. What a fucking bitch tease!

So Naiomi has literally got him by the balls which are blue at this point. Desparate to pop, he promises to do whatever she wants him to do, including all of his chores and hers as well in return for completing the job of sucking his dick. Knowing that she has won, she smiles, grasps his tool again, and proceeds to give it the lollipop treatment. She is a natural at this and she knows it.

Naiomi Mae

Haley Reed Catches Her Step Sister Malina Mars Fucking Her Dad

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Step right up, folks! We’ve got a classic sibling rivalry here between two gorgeous sisters, one blonde and the other brunette, all competing for the attention of their very lucky step dad during Father’s Day.

The blonde one, Haley Reed, is going about it using the traditional route: through his tummy. She is cooking him a yummy breakfast in bed. The brunette one, Malina Mars, is going to use her pussy to win the prize which in retrospect is not really playing fair, but hey, what is fair nowadays? And besides, we get off while she’s at it so its all good.

Both sisters launch their starting moves in the morning with the step dad still in bed. Haley starts off with a pleasant Good Morning, carrying the food with her in a plate. Malina, on the other hand, shows up empty handed but is clearly in the advantage. She gets on his bed on her knees and goes right for his crotch and says her gift to him is to suck his cock. When she asked him what he thinks of her gift, all the dude could do was laugh nervously. Judging from the wide smile on his face though, its clear he wasn’t about to refuse it.

Malina’s technique is to lick the shaft from the root to the tip (sorry folks, this bitch can’t deep throat yet) at which time she swallows the head and then jacks off the shaft with her right hand. By the expert way she did this, its no wonder it took the dude no time at all to pop at which time she spit his spunk back on the head and she repeats the process all over again. Super hot!

The next scene shows all three of them in living room sitting in the couch. The two stepsisters are on each end with the stepdad in between. Not being able to take the lovey dovey looks going on between Malina Mars and the dude, Haley excuses her self in disgust complete with an eye roll. That’s when Malina Mars makes her move and before we know it, he is fucking her in reverse cowgirl with both his hands on each of her butt cheeks, allowing him to control the pace.

Its good that they still had their clothes on even in this position (his pants were to his knees and her panties were pushed to the side) because when Haley suddenly came back, they were able to quickly cover up and hide their naughtiness. There was one more close call like this in this clip so make sure to watch it to find out what it is. Its not to be missed!

Family Strokes Malina Mars and Haley Reed
Malina Mars
Haley Reed

Amy Summers is a Horny Step Sister

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Blondy Amy Summers has a thing for her stepbro. She’s been wet for him ever since her mum married his dad and now, she is going to do something about it. She will get that junk up her twat no matter what.

So the scene starts with Amy hiding in her stepbrother’s shower. It’s not really hard for her to go unnoticed because this slut is tiny. Make no mistake though, Amy is Grade A pussy, with her long, straight blond hair, tight body, and her cute belly button ring.

After a while, the stepbro comes in to wash his hands and she jumps out with a sexy smile on her face. He was none too happy seeing her there and asked her what she was doing. When she said she just wanted to see his dick, the dude was understandably shocked.

He tries to muscle her out of the bathroom, but she resists. He says that she’s his 18 year old stepsister and she says, ‘So?’. He tells her their mom was in the house and her response was no one’s going to find out. Before he knows it, she’s on her knees with his dick in hand, soon to be in her mouth.

As she blows him, with her eyes wide open watching watching his every reaction, its obvious that she knows what she’s doing and that made his dick that much harder.

The scene was shot in POV so all you see of the dude is his schlong which has a very dark foreskin, meaning that he’s either black, Latino, or Asian. Whatever his race is, the contrast between his black cock and the whore’s pale skin is super hot.

Anyways, she sucks him dry and swallows his cum, swirling traces of it along the shaft as it slowly recedes back inside its foreskin.

The following morning, the stepbro was on the couch and she greeted him wearing a tight white long sleeved top and an orange print mini skirt. She tells him with a knowing smile that unlike yesterday, they are completely alone since their mom left for work. He puts up a resistance again saying that they’ll still get caught, but once she shows him that shes not wearing any panties, that crumbles like a brick wall in an 9 Richter earthquake. He slaps her tight ass and lets her blow him again.

A little later on in the day, he walks into his room only to find her on the bed, wearing only her pink panties, her legs wide open, with a red doubled ended dildo buried deep inside her pussy. That did it. Any resistance on his part was now completely destroyed. The stepbrother ripped off her panties and had her on her knees. He pulled out the dildo and replaced it with his hard dick and plowed it in to the hilt. He switched positions and got her to ride him for a while. He finished her off on her back so that he could see her face as he fucked her hard.

Amy Summers is one sweet whore that he’s going to have naughty fun with more often.
Amy Summers