Lily Jordan Is Fucked By Her Stepbro

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Our chic of the day is none other than brunette teen, Lily Jordan. She’s got an OK face and a tight, hot body. What makes her stand out though in the porn business is her insatiable and seemingly unquenchable appetite for fucking. Watch this clip to see what I mean.

The scene begins with Lily and her stepbro in their parent’s apartment. The power suddenly goes out and after the requisite swearing at the power company, they’re left to their own devices for their entertainment. So she resorts to the age old ‘Truth or Dare’. He begins it with a raunchy question of how many dudes she’s fucked. Without any embarrassment whatsoever, this bitch says about twenty dudes. He intended this question to embarrass the shit out of her so that she would stop wanting to play the stupid game, but it certainly did not work. Now its her turn and she can give as good (if not better) than she gets. She asks if he’s fantasized about her sexually. Aghast, he starts blubbering about she’s his stepsister and all that jazz but after seeing how interested she really is about his answer, he admits to it and takes it a step further by asking her to show a nipple. She shows not one but two nipples so he asks for her to take her whole shirt off to see what she’s really got. I guess Lily really wants to get off because she whips her shirt off and shows her budding boobs in their full glory. He then dares her to stroke his dick which she does expertly. At this point, he’s fully into the game and can’t wait for her next move.

She doesn’t disappoint by asking him to finger her and when he reached over to stroke for her cunt under her skirt, he’s pleasantly surprised to find her panty-less. So he buries both his index and forefinger deep in her twat. Incredibly, she’s really tight despite the twenty dudes that have had their way with her in the past and gets even more turned on. He can’t wait to get the chance to replace his fingers with his dick.

The following day, he finds Lily Jordan in the living room, pissed off as hell and bored as fuck. Apparently, her car broke down and she’s now stuck in the house with nothing to do. Not wanting to get caught up in her funk, he said something glib and skedaddled back to his room. Lily follows him though because she realizes that he’s her only form of entertainment in the next couple of hours while she gets her ride fixed. You know how kids these days are so afraid of boredom. Anyways, she wants to play an innocent game of cards but he takes it a step further by wanting to play a game of Strip Poker, hoping that this will be the way he’ll get to finish what they started the day before. Well, Lily agreed to the game change and let’s just say he got the outcome that his dick was aching for.

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Elizabeth Jolie Sprayed With Her Stepbro’s Cum

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Finally! We’ve got here another clip starring the incredibly hot bottled blonde teen, Elizabeth Jolie. It begins with her stepbro entering his dad’s condo only to find someone occupying what used to be his bedroom. He finds his closet in disarray, with women’s underwear (sexy ones at that) in one of his drawers. He couldn’t help but cop a feel and a sniff of a particular hot pink pair of panties when none other than Elizabeth walks in and catches him at it.

In this clip, she is portrayed as young albeit hot woman, sporting a little black dress (but in silver) and what looks like a pearl choker. This is different from the typically innocent (aka dumb) budding teen she usually plays about to get a dick in whatever orifice she’s going to take it in. Don’t get me wrong, I still want to fuck her in this new get up. I just know its going to be harder to get in her pants this time, you know?

So this is what happened: unbeknownst to him, his dad married Elizabeth’s mom making her his new stepsis. Furthermore, what used to be his room is now hers so he better stop his pervy sniffing of her panties and vacate the room by the time she gets back. She then walks off in a huff.

Elizabeth Jolie blonde super hot babe
With a raging hardon and not a little bit angry at her haughtiness, the stepbro does something to get back at her and have some j/o material for later: he hides his video camera to record whatever she does in her new room. When she gets back, she mutters how hot her new stepbro is and proceeds to strip, giving us a glorious show of her hot bod. Her flawless bubble but is as awe inspiring as I remember it to be and when she proceeds to twerk, I almost bust a nut. She then takes off her bra, lays on the bed, and starts to finger herself while still wearing her black fuck me stilettos. After she cums, she then puts her clothes back on and she’s back to being the Ice Princess. Little did she know that there’s now a vid that proves how much of a slut she really is.

Elizabeth Jolie with her blue reindeer eyes
The next day, the stepbro comes into the condo again and the place is in shambles. Walking into the kitchen, he finds traces of his stash all over the kitchen table and discarded panties everywhere not to mention the odour of stale cum mixed with cigarette smoke permeating everything. WTF! He finds his new stepsis passed out in the couch, wearing nothing but her underwear and straddling a white top sheet.

He wakes her up and asks her what the fuck happened to the place. She then proceeds to give an unlikely explanation that the whole mess was caused by her alone the night before while she was dancing, again by herself. Did this bitch think he was born yesterday? Anyways, he threatens to tell on her to their folks unless she blows him, which she does not hesitate to do. Judging from her performance, this bitch has done this before, LOTS before so he didn’t think twice about cumming on her mouth. She complained about that a little bit but hey, she swallowed it so it can’t be that bad, right?

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The next day is all about pure and unadulterated fucking between the two horned up stepsiblings. Taking a look at the pic above, it was fucking awesome so make sure to watch the clip to find out how it all went down. Peace!

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Aidra Fox banged by step brother

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Aidra Fox is taking a shower when her step brother is sneaking up on her. Aidra gets shocked and upset, what the hell is he doing there? Truth is this Aidra and her step brother is having a little secret sex affair. Not long ago something forbidden happened between the two, they had oral sex! Yes, Aidra gave his step brother a blowjob. In Aidra’s eyes this was one time “accident”, but apperantly her step brother hasn’t forgot how good it felt to get his cock sucked by his step sister.

Now Aidra has been surprised by her step brother who can’t keep his hands of her tits and smooth teenager body. She is not hard to convince and it doesn’t take many seconds for her to drop her towel on the floor, now encouraged to show of her ass and shaved pussy. You can tell that this horny babe gets turned on by the fact that this sexual relation is strictly taboo and if mom and dad found out that she is having sex with her step brother then the hell would probably break lose! Her pussy is already dripping wet when she goes down on her brother and takes his fat cock in her mouth. While sucking cock Aidra feels the need to get that cock inside her pussy and the two leaves the bathroom to enter the bedroom where it finally will happen!

Aidra on all four first gets fucked doggystyle before she turns over on her back and lets her brother fuck her deep in her pussy while she is moaning in pleasure! Watch the full  HD video at and you will also see when Aidra Fox’s brother cums inside her and (God forbid!) perhaps makes his step sister pregnant!

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For the curious one VrPorn8 can announce that this little slim and sexy babe Aidra Fox measures 5’6″ in length and was born the 25th of September 1995 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Aidra is a mix of Czech, German, and Polish. Aidra has four sisters of which three are older. To our knowing no one else of them are pornstars. Aidra lost her virginity at age 13 and began her adult career as a cam girl. Part from sex Aidra also likes hiking and yoga.