Amina Allure Is Fucked By Her Stepbro

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I think POV videos are hot and this clip is a prime example. It begins with some dude coming home from a tough day at work to find his laptop computer not in the same spot as he left it. Immediately, he goes to his stepsister, Amina Allure, to confront her.

Amina is in her bedroom lying on her stomach on her bed. Not only is she wearing nerdy glasses, this bitch has still got braces on. Nevertheless, she’s smoking hot, with her long black hair in Shirley Temple curls and a super slutty snake tat on her right forearm. She looks a bit like Mila Kunis for whom I’ve got a major hardon for.

Anyways, she admits right away that she used his putter without his permission because hers was out of commission and she was too broke to have it fixed. I don’t really know why she said what she said next, but she mentioned that she saw some of his porn stash while she was using his computer.

He was mad at first that she was fucking around with his secret files, but then got all flustered when he remembered the type of porn that’s on there: stepbrother / stepsister fucking. In an attempt to explain it, he says that it has nothing to do with her being his stepsister, that he finds the genre kind of hot. Yeah, right. As she looks at him with a slight smile on her face while she is listening to his lame explanation, it became clear why she mentioned the porn to begin with. This slut wants his D!

She asks him if he really doesn’t want to fuck her to which he responded with an unconvincing no. She then stands up, walks over to him and gets on her knees while massaging his crotch. This time around, when she asked, ‘Are you sure?’, his resounding groan told her all that she needed to know. Some stepbrother / stepsister fucking was about to occur.

So Amina starts it all off with a blow job. This bitch has got some experience, that’s for sure although not enough yet to do it deep throat. By the way she’s going at it, its just a matter of time before she’ll get it all down.

The scene cuts to her lying on her back, panties pushed to side while he plays with her clit. Remember, this is a POV and all you see of him is his hand spreading her cunt lips apart as he finger fucks her with two fingers. (Btw, her pussy is bald as the day she was born and its smokin’ hot.)

Then comes the fucking. She’s on her back with the camera pointed squarely at her face. Before he porks her, he gets her to promise not to tell anyone. Then the action begins.

Amina Allure