Sexy Bailey Brooke Fucks Her Step Brother

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In this clip, we’ve got teen blondy Bailey Brooks spying on her older stepbro as he works his body out. Its clear that this bitch has got that special itch down south and that she’s going to get it scratched by the man of her dreams, even if he’s her stepbro. After all, its not as if they’re blood related.

Bailey is of average height with long blonde hair and flawless skin. She’s still got some baby fat on her, but what’s so sexy about her is that she’s clearly in heat and is not shy about it. This bitch is itching to get fucked.

Anyways, we next see her in the same room as her stepbro as he is exercising. She’s telling him how hot his body is while she is caressing his biceps. (Yup. This slut is really asking for it.) At first, he’s annoyed and tells her to go to her room. He tells her that he’s her older stepbro, that she’s his stepsister, that what she’s doing is not right. All of this to no effect. Her hand kept travelling down his body and as her probing fingers reaches his growing crotch, all of his reservations went out the window. The next thing we see is Bailey on her knees giving her stepbro a blowjob with both of his hands in the back of her head, forcing his hard dick deeper down her throat. We then see a side view of her still on her knees and still giving him a bj with her tits hanging out. He pops at this point and she spits out a wad of cum. I guess she hasn’t learned to swallow yet.

The next scene is with him sleeping on the couch. She wakes him up with a kiss and a warning to keep it quiet as their folks are home. He asks her if they can fuck and she says he can do whatever he wants so fuck away he did. The first position was with her on top so that she can control the pace as she gets used to his dick. The next position was her on her back with him pounding away at her. He then pulls out, straddles her chest, and cums full on on her face. She says he’s the best bro ever and he just shushes her and goes to his room, leaving on her the couch with his spunk splattered all over her. At least she swallows it this time around so she’s a quick understudy.

I can’t wait for their next get together.

Bailey Brooke