Anal Action With Super Hot Mia Malkova

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It must be something in their water, but Euro babes like Mia Malkova are super hot. Not exactly a teen anymore, she is more like a young cougar, sexy as heck with her dirty blonde hair and a body with curves in all the right places. This clip begins with Mia teasing us with her body, wearing an orange bikini while she frolics in the beach. I tell you, the lucky dudes during that shoot must all have been sporting boners as Mia seductively poses with hair damp from the salt water and a come hither smile in her face. This bitch is just itching for a fuck.

We then see her buck naked, mostly back shots, as she shows off her bubble butt. By the way she fondles it, its obvious that she knows her ass will bring in the views. Mia better like it up her butt because otherwise, she’ll be accused of being a little tease from what she just saw her do.

Well, she doesn’t disappoint. The next scene is with a lucky dude wearing a towel around his waist and sporting a huge hardon. The guy has a swimmers build and towers over Mia. The height difference didn’t seem to matter though. They tongued each other like there’s no tomorrow and as to be expected, his hands go right for the jackpot: her sweet ass.

The final scenes show Mia Malkova following through with her seductive but unspoken invitation. The dude fucks her up her Hershey Highway in positions that best accommodates his huge tool and the best viewing angles for us viewers. This scene is a sure bet cum inducer. Be sure to subscribe in order to watch the rest of this scene starring Mia Malkova.

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