Teen Freya Von Doom Strangled and Punished

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Yo! I’ve got a treat for you fuckers that like to see it rough. It begins with Freya Von Doom’s black/mulato roomate getting it on with my buddy, Bruno, who certainly fucks them hard. The scene starts when the couple walks in to her apartment, and right there in the entrance way, they get all hot and heavy, groping and French kissing each other like two amped up teenagers needing to fuck their brains out. She’s wearing what looks like a tight Adidas sports jacket, open all the way to show a black sports bra paired with tight camo pants and thigh high black boots. With that get up, we get a good hint of her body which is tight, thin, and willowy. Not much tits there, but that’s ok. You can pretty much bet that she’s going to be tight and from the way she’s tonguing Bruno, she’s also sopping wet which is just the way I like them.

About a minute into the makeout session, Bruno backs her into the kitchen island, rips of her sports jacket, turns her around, and jams his hand in the back of her pants, exposing her black thong panties. He then gives one of her ass cheeks a slap and then proceeds to grope her tits while tonguing her ear. When he rams his hand into her crotch and feels just how wet she is, he ushers her to her bedroom and closes the door for privacy. This is when Freya walks out of her bedroom with a wide smile in her face. She heard all of this happening and just had to be closer to the action.

When the load groans from the black chic and Bruno just wasn’t enough for Freya anymore, she opened the door to the bedroom to have some visual stimulation. What she saw just blew her mind: her roommate was on her knees and Bruno was fucking her doggy style. They both had most of their clothes on, with his dick out through the fly in his jeans and her thong panties down her knees. They were fucking like two dog in rut, punctuating by his asking, ‘Why is your pussy so fucking wet?’.

This was just too much for Freya. She started flicking her bean right there and then first with her hands inside her denim cutoffs and then shucking her shorts altogether so that her hands could have a freer access to her cunt. I guess her roommate saw her there because she told Bruno to shut the door. It’s at that point the Freya went scurrying back to her room, wondering how she could get someone to fuck her like that.

The next day, she saw Bruno by the couch with her roommate nowhere in sight. She figured that now’s the time to make her wish come true. She sits down next to him and tells him that she heard them fucking and would love to have him ‘get out of hand’ with her. She then takes his hand and deep throats his fingers, at which time he givers her her wish. He suddenly grasps the back of her head with his other hand and jams his fingers down her throat until she gags. He then takes his finger out of her mouth, puts his hand inside her shorts and finger fucks her like an out of control jackhammer.

You guys now have to watch the clip to find out what happens next. One thing for sure is that its fucking hot. Promise.

Freya von Doom gets what she wants!

Freya von Doom is doomed!
The two pics above show just how rough Bruno was with Freya. Slut that she is, Freya just loved it!

Freya von Doom
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Teen Freya von Doom gets strangled, fucked and punished

Faye Lynne Strips For Her Stepbro

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This clips begins with ginger Faye Lynne dressed in stripper inspired outerwear coming home to find her stepbro on the couch watching TV. He immediately zeroes in on her outfit, commenting about how slutty it is. He is correct in saying that, by the way. The outfit in questions is a red crop top which shows off her tight abs to perfection with black hot pants complete with black thigh high stockings held up with garter straps. (If that isn’t stripper wear, I don’t know what is.) Anyways, Faye wasn’t having any of his shit. She says she likes it and there’s nothing he can do about it.

The stepbro then changes tactic and starts interrogating her about where she’s been, saying that with a get up like hers, she’s surely been out stripping for pervy dudes who pay money for that sort of shit. She tries to brush him off by saying she doesn’t care what he thinks and begins to walk out of the room, but he suddenly grasps her forearms and sits her down in the couch next to him. Once he got her full attention, he asks her about how her mom would feel if she found out that her precious daughter was a stripper. That’s when he got her lock, stock, and barrel. She immediately lowered her voice and told him that her mom doesn’t need to know. With a wide grin on his face, he informs her that she now has to demo her stripper moves right there and then in return for keeping his mouth shut. Not really wanting her mom to know, she says yes. And that’s how it all began.

She begins by giving him a lap dance, making sure she rubs her crotch against his. She does this for a a minute or two thinking that that’s all she’s going to have to do, but when she stands up to go, he grabs her by her forearms again and roughly pulls down her hotpants, revealing her black thong. He then gnaws at one butt cheek and tells her to give him another lap dance which she does. Thing is though, both she and he are pantless this time around and the view of his hard dick rubbing against her shaved pussy almost made me cream in my pants. It was really funny when she said that this is NOT like work. She then stands up and stops the dance, leaving him with a stiffy, almost ready to pop.

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Faye Lynne
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