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You know how some chics have a killer body but with a so-so face? That’s exactly how I feel about Annika Eve. She’s just at that age when her bod has that perfect balance of volumptuousness and tightness that just gives me an instant hardon. If only I can put a paper bag over her head while I do her, she’d be perfect. Come to think of it, I like to do them doggy style which means I don’t get to see their mugs all that much, so Annika will do just fine. I digress though.

The scene begins with Annika primping herself in front of the bathroom mirror, wearing a skin tight burgandy halter top over a black lacy bra, showing off her avocadoes to perfection. She’s got black almost waist length black hair that looks like its been straightened . Her locks could look better on her, but come to think of it, they’re certainly long enough to come in handy when doing her doggy style. They’re long enough to hang on to, you know?

In comes her stepdad saying that he needs to talk to her. She tries to throw him some attitude but he’s having none of it. They continue the conversation in the kitchen. There, he informs her that her mom feels that she’s been so shitty lately that she’s going to be sent to boarding school, so if she doesn’t want that to happen, she better be prepared to ante up some extra somethin’ somethin’ beginning with a blowjob. Indignant at the prospect of being sent to boarding school, Annika agrees. So the action begins with her giving him a little show with her boobs.

The scene switches to the living with Annika on her knees, completely naked giving him a blowjob. This bitch can deep throat so she’s done this before, much to her pervy stepdad’s pleasure. When he compliments on her skills, she flippantly says, ‘I know you like it.’ What a fucking slut! The bj scene ends with her sucking super hard just on his dick’s head just as he was about to pop which was really hot.

In the 2nd scene, we see the stepdad somehow getting hold of Annika’s cell phone where he sees really hot naked pictures of her. Furthermore, she’s sending it to every Tom, Dick, and Harry complete with lewd messages asking the dudes to lick her pussy (which, by the way, is gloriously unshaven with a very thick black bush). What a slut! He confronts her with it and at first, she gets hysterical, screaming for her phone back, but when he threatens to show the phone to her mom, she does an about-face and gets all quiet and pleading. At that point, he knows that he got the little whore where he wants her. He then tells her that she better do EVERYTHING to him what she was going to do those dudes she sent her naked pics to. And that she did, and MORE, like spreading her cunt lips right in front of his face as his cum drips from her pussy.

There’s lots more to see so be sure to watch the rest of the clip.

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