Auntie Yasmin Scott To The Rescue

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My uncle’s wife, Yasmin Scott, is one hot piece of ass. I came to visit them when I was in town for a job interview. When I walked through the door, she hugged me and then pinched my bum, remarking that I’ve grown so much since she last saw me. Now, I’m a lot of things and dumb is not one of them. That pinch is more of a grab and its sexual overtones is through the roof. So this visit of mine just got more interesting by about ten fold.

So I was staying in their place while I got on my feet. The following day, I was getting dressed for my interview and in comes my aunt. She didn’t like the tie that I had on, so she took it off, giving me a clear view of her humungous cleavage which was about to pop out of the plunging sleeveless blouse she had on. I was trying to keep my gaze off her tits so I was desparate to make conversation. I asked her if she had any tips for my interview. She said that she definitely did and after securing my promise not to tell anyone, she grabbed my crotch in exactly the same way she grabbed my ass the day before. There’s no mistaking now what this bitch really came into my room for. She then pulled my pants down and jacked me off with one hand while licking my balls at the same time. This tip of hers was fantastic! It certainly took my mind off my interview.

As she was blowing me, my uncle knocked on my door and I nearly shit in my pants! Good thing he didn’t enter and only asked me where my aunt was. I told him I didn’t know but that she gave me tips for my interview and that those tips were mind blowing. At least, I didn’t lie on that last part. She certainly knew how to blow my mind.

So I spread her blouse further so I really got to see her tits. I pulled down her pants and pushed her to the bed where I fucked her on her back, missionary style. When I had enough of that, I turned her to her side and ploughed her spoon style. I tell you, this English bitch can’t get enough of young dick. I then had her on all fours and had her doggy style while I restrained her arm behind her back while her other hand was stroking her clit as I jackhammered into her. As I said, she was voracious and literally sucked up all of my juice.

It may just be that my uncle was getting to that age where he can’t get it up enough causing my aunt to be this insatiable cougar, willing to take a risk and grab dick wherever and whenever she can get it. Hey, I love my uncle and am willing to help out however I can, that is after I’ve recovered enough after today’s session.

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