Hayden Hennessy Caught For Shoplyfting

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Oh boy. We’ve got another dumb teen, caught shoplifting and claiming that she didn’t do anything, that they’ve made a mistake. It’s Hayden Hennesy this time and although she’s decked out in her street clothes complete with ripped jeans and a pink baseball cap worn backwards, the outline of her tits are showing through the tight black tshirt she is wearing underneath her bomber jacket. I’m reminded of how fucking hot her naked body is and I can’t wait until the hardcore action begins.

So she gets interrogated by the store’s security officer and she’s sticking to her story that she didn’t do anything but when he tells her he’s got her on tape, the girl starts to shift. Dumb as she is, I guess she knows she won’t be able to beat hard evidence on video. She starts by saying that she was just having a little fun with her friends and that she’s got money so she can just pay for the stuff that she lifted and be on her way. No harm no foul, right? No fucking way! Based on the hardon showing through his black dress pants, its obvious the security guy is into her and now, he’s got what he needs to get into her pants.

He starts by saying that since she was just ‘having a little fun’, he can think of a few things they can do that’s a lot more fun and on top of that, if she agrees to it, it can make things ‘go away’ at the same time. When she asked for some clarification to what he just said, he simply opened her jacket a bit more and caressed a breast through her tshirt. When he tweaked a nipple, it’s pretty clear what he wants, no? He takes her hand and puts it to his crotch and asks her to grab it and play with it. As he gets harder, he says that he’s on his way to forget about what she did and the next thing we see is his huge engorged dick out through the pee slit of his dress pants. When he asks her if it’s a go, she says, ‘Let’s just do it (and) get it over with.’ With a laugh, he responds with ‘That’s a good sport.’ And the action begins.

It begins with her taking off her baseball cap and giving him a blow job. I guess she wasn’t doing a good enough job because he all of a sudden, he puts his dick away saying that she’s not cut out for it. In a panic, she says she’s just a little scared. He then gives her another chance. He turns her around, pulls off down her pants, leans her down over the interrogation table, and fucks her doggy style. This guy is hung and it shows in the grimace on her face as he has his way with her. He torments her a little bit by asking her, ‘This is fun, right?’ knowing full well she’s having trouble with his girth. She knows she’s got no choice but to play along at which point he fucks her even harder.

It’s safe to say that Hayden got what she deserved, right? At least her pussy did, that’s for sure.

Shoplyfter Hayden Hennessy
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