Cleo Vixen is Fucked by Her Step Brother

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Today, we’ve got platinum blonde Cleo Vixen, wearing her typical skimpy outfit of a tight red tank top and really short white denim shorts, going into her stepbrother’s bedroom and asking for advice. He was in bed at the time and was all willing to help her until he found out what her issue was. Apparently, her boyfriend is reluctant to fuck her. The stepbro thinks its really inappropriate of her to ask him about stuff like this because they are step siblings. She countered that she feels that she can trust him, that she feels super comfortable around him, and that he’s the ideal person to give her the male perspective that would give her a clue as to why she’s not getting serviced by her boyfriend. She then proceeded to pull down her tank top so that her breasts popped out. Her next question was, ‘What do you think of my tits’ as she laid down on his bed.

At this point, he covers his eyes with hands and asks her to put her tits away, but Cleo is in a roll and and takes off her shorts leaving just her white thong on. She then spreads her legs, fondles her clit, and coyly asks, ‘What do you think of my pussy?’ At this point, he can’t help but take a peak from time to time, only covering his eyes again when he realizes what he was doing and tells her that she is a bad bad girl. Its around this time that she has a great idea. She sits up, puts her hands on his lower leg and says that she wants to give him head so that he can rate her bj skills. He thinks about it and probably because he knows she won’t leave him alone until she gets her way, he lets her on condition that she tells absolutely no one. Another motivating factor for his decision is that he’s rock hard from all of her privates that she’s been flaunting in front of his face. He might as well get some release for all of the teasing she’s putting him through.

The next thing we see is Cleo blowing her stepbrother while he was lying down on his bed. The scene shifts to her still going at it while he was standing up on the bed. He must have been holding the camera in these two scenes because it comes across like a POV video. Whatever the case may be, its super hot.

The third scene is of the two fuckers off the bed. He’s standing up while she’s on her knees, doing her best to get a good rating at giving a blowjob. All of sudden, he pops and cums on her mouth. She frowns, and while still grasping his shaft, she gags and spits it out. She asks him what the fuck was it. Apparently, that was the first time anyone’s ejaculated in her mouth.

Ha! Serves the horny bitch right.

Cleo Vixen

Sexy Bailey Brooke Fucks Her Step Brother

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In this clip, we’ve got teen blondy Bailey Brooks spying on her older stepbro as he works his body out. Its clear that this bitch has got that special itch down south and that she’s going to get it scratched by the man of her dreams, even if he’s her stepbro. After all, its not as if they’re blood related.

Bailey is of average height with long blonde hair and flawless skin. She’s still got some baby fat on her, but what’s so sexy about her is that she’s clearly in heat and is not shy about it. This bitch is itching to get fucked.

Anyways, we next see her in the same room as her stepbro as he is exercising. She’s telling him how hot his body is while she is caressing his biceps. (Yup. This slut is really asking for it.) At first, he’s annoyed and tells her to go to her room. He tells her that he’s her older stepbro, that she’s his stepsister, that what she’s doing is not right. All of this to no effect. Her hand kept travelling down his body and as her probing fingers reaches his growing crotch, all of his reservations went out the window. The next thing we see is Bailey on her knees giving her stepbro a blowjob with both of his hands in the back of her head, forcing his hard dick deeper down her throat. We then see a side view of her still on her knees and still giving him a bj with her tits hanging out. He pops at this point and she spits out a wad of cum. I guess she hasn’t learned to swallow yet.

The next scene is with him sleeping on the couch. She wakes him up with a kiss and a warning to keep it quiet as their folks are home. He asks her if they can fuck and she says he can do whatever he wants so fuck away he did. The first position was with her on top so that she can control the pace as she gets used to his dick. The next position was her on her back with him pounding away at her. He then pulls out, straddles her chest, and cums full on on her face. She says he’s the best bro ever and he just shushes her and goes to his room, leaving on her the couch with his spunk splattered all over her. At least she swallows it this time around so she’s a quick understudy.

I can’t wait for their next get together.

Bailey Brooke

Abi Grace is Fucked

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Abi Grace, a lithe straight haired blonde teen, was desperate to use someone’s car. Since she saw her stepbro fast asleep on the couch, she tried to steal his keys but got caught when the prick woke up all of a sudden just when her hands where in his pants pocket.

He was really pissed at first, but changed his tune real quick. He was willing to let things slide if she’d let him take some pictures of her tits for his spank bank. Like I said, this guy is a prick. She was aghast at first, saying that he was her stepbrother, but when she saw he wasn’t bothered about it at all, she went for it on the condition that he keep his mouth shut. So he whipped out his smartphone, and took the pictures as she lifted up her crop top to show her gorgeous tits with their small areoles you usually find on white chics. Always wanting the last word, Abi showed him the bird as he was taking the pictures.

The next day, Abi tried to sneak out of the house but was stopped by the asshole stepbrother saying that she was grounded. Desperate, she said that there were dudes waiting for her in a rave she promised to go to and that she’s willing to suck his dick as long he doesn’t squeal and lets her go. And that’s how it all began.

Jokingly, he took her up on her offer of a blow job, thinking she’d never follow through, but blow him she did right there and then with him sitting on the couch. At first, he thought she was kidding, but when she started to unbuckle his belt, he finally realized that she was dead serious. The next thing we see is her grasping his dick by the shaft and sucking away at the head. She wasn’t skilled enough to deep throat, but it sufficed to make him cum after giving her some pointers from a male perspective. What a sweetheart! Afterwards, she went right out the door to her rave. When he warned her not to fucking tell anyone, her flippant response was ‘Whatever’ and went on her way.

Cut to the following day and we see Abi washing dishes. You can tell her mind was elsewhere when she dropped something in the disposal and stupidly tried to grab it causing the ring on her finger to got stuck in the chopper thingy. Thank God it wasn’t ON. Anyways, she calls her stepbro for help. (He found her predicament extremely funny.) Because her back was turned to him, his crotch was right against her ass while he tried to unstuck her hand to no avail. Well, it was kind of a hot situation to be in causing him to get hard. On her part, she was getting turned on too. The next thing we see was him fucking her doggy style with her left leg propped up against the kitchen counter, giving us a glorious view of raw nature in action. Sweet!

Alli Rae is a Blonde Bombshell Babysitter

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We’ve got an awkward situation here. Ali Rae, a blonde bombshell babysitter with gorgeous blue green eyes is being interviewed by a dude she was supposed to babysit. The guy was trying to make small talk by asking if she was 15 years old. I guess she took it as a diss and snapped that she was actually 18 years old and then asked him why he broke up with girlfriend, nastily speculating that it was probably because his penis was too small. He responded that it was above average. (You can tell at this point that he was getting his hackles up.) After a pregnant pause, she asked for him to prove it, thinking that he’d never take her up on it. But when he stood up, pushed his grey joggers to his ankles and showed her his impressive already erect dick, that’s when the fun started.

As soon as Ali saw his tool all ready to do what God designed it for, she went all gaga. Her demeanor changed from being dismissively patronizing to all out adoring. The bitch’s mouth was practically drooling. She got down on her hands and knees and chomped on that thing as soon as he let her. (She wasn’t of course biting on the dick. She just gave it a really good blow job. You know what I mean.)

The next scene with the horny pair was on the all white couch. The dude’s dick was buried deep inside her pussy, and he was doing her side-style. He was really pounding away at her and stimulating her clit from time to time with his free hand. As for her, she was completely naked showing her gorgeous tits and her completely shaved pussy. Despite it being shaved, its a safe bet that with Ali’s case, the carpet does indeed match the drapes which is always good. He still had his grey hoody on though. I guess he was just too impatient to do her to take it off. What can I say? Dudes will be dudes.

The next position is reverse cowgirl which allowed her to control some of the pace. Thing is though, he had one hand clutching her left ass as she pumped, clearly indicating too her that he ultimately controls the fucking action, even in this position. Like I said, dudes will be dudes.

Stacey Leann is a Punished Teen

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So today, we’ve got ginger teen, Stacy Leann, knocking on her strict and super religious uncle’s door, wearing nothing but a teeny tiny pink top and even tinier shorty shorts, the combination of which leaves her navel exposed along with her long legs, showing miles of milky white skin. This girl is one sexy bitch.

Anyways, she was sent to this conservative Christian home by her mom to get herself straightened out. Her mom says she’s just been too wild and rebellious, not to mention very promiscuous. Stacy disagrees with that assessment but doesn’t put up too much of argument. She changed her outfit as per request and started her rehabilitation right there then by doing chores.

She had two tasks allocated to her that day. The first was to clean the kitchen followed by the bathroom. You can tell that her rebelious nature was starting to show when she rolled her eyes as the dude expected to go on her hands and knees while cleaning. When he said to make sure to put some elbow grease into it, she snapped that there’s no way that she’s going to put that much effort to something that’s not hers.

That’s when she received her first warning about back talking, that the Lord would not appreciate it. Her response to that was a flippant ‘Whatever’ which is when the dude knew that he is going to have to put it up a notch in order to rehabilitate this disrespectful bitch. By the way he was eyeing her shapely ass as he contemplates his dilemma, we sort of get a hint as to what his plan was going to be.

We next see the pair going home from church with the uncle waxing ecstatic about how good the Lord was and how He was going to fix her wild ways. That’s when Stacy lost it. She stripped naked, showing her tiny but shapely tits, and screamed that she’s had enough of his sanctimonious preaching and that she was going to behave as per who she is. Well, his response to that was that if that is how she was going to behave, then he was going to treat her as such, meaning that he was going to have a grand ole time with the slut that she is.

The next scene has the two in the living room with the uncle wearing a black wife beater, pant to his ankles, sporting a huge hardon as he made Stacy crawl on her knees while clutching her long red hair. He sat on the couch and had her blow him deep throat style. She gagged a bit, but she kept on at it. This slut has done this before.

He then had her on her knees on the couch and fucked her doggy style while her face was firmly pressed on the cushions. The next position was on her side with the dude relentlessly pounding her pussy with his huge tool. The final position was with Stacy on her back on the same couch. The dude is holding on to both her feet as he tries to fuck her rebelliousness out of her. The last thing we see is the uncle cumming on her gorgeous face.

So did he straighten her out? Who the fuck cares! What’s important is that it was super hot lay.

Sophie Sativa Is Fucked By Her Step Dad

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Today, we’ve got blondy Sophie Saptiva in her bedroom texting some friend of hers. In comes her goateed stepdad wanting to have a talk. Apparently, he wants to have a closer relationship with Sophie than what they’ve been currently having. She’s been shutting him out, you see, because she’s so sick and tired of all the men going in and out of her mom’s life, not to mention her mom’s pussy.

Anyways, I don’t know what else this dude said to Sophie, but the scene cuts to her giving him one hell of a blowjob which means he did end up being ‘closer’ to her which is what his plan probably was all along. With his spiked up hairstyle and his flame tattoos on his forearms. its hard to believe that all he wanted was a platonic relationship. No siree, Bob! This bastard wanted him some young poon and thats exactly what he got.

We then see her flat on her back and him fucking her pussy anvil-style. We get a great view of her tits (not too big, but not too small) with the super hot spikes through each nipple. And get this: this bitch has got a totally bald pussy so its a sure bet that she’s been around the block more than once, that’s for sure.

The next scene shows the slut chest down on the bed with her stepdad fucking her doggy style. She not a very vocal fucker so I’m not really sure if she liked that position better. (Hey, it could be the she was keeping it down on putpose because her mom is in the house.) Whatever the case may be, the pervy stepdad certainly liked that position as it gave full access to her pussy while preventing her from seeing his face, allowing him to do her without any pretensions of caring.

The next one is reverse cowgirl and then ending with Sophie on her back again where he pulls out all of a sudden, scooches to her mouth and cums on it. Poor Sophie Sativa. Judging from her expression, she obviously didn’t appreciate being cum-ed on, especially not on her pretty face. Oh well.

Family Strokes
Sophie Sativa
Sophie Sativa at Family Strokes

Amy Summers is a Horny Step Sister

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Blondy Amy Summers has a thing for her stepbro. She’s been wet for him ever since her mum married his dad and now, she is going to do something about it. She will get that junk up her twat no matter what.

So the scene starts with Amy hiding in her stepbrother’s shower. It’s not really hard for her to go unnoticed because this slut is tiny. Make no mistake though, Amy is Grade A pussy, with her long, straight blond hair, tight body, and her cute belly button ring.

After a while, the stepbro comes in to wash his hands and she jumps out with a sexy smile on her face. He was none too happy seeing her there and asked her what she was doing. When she said she just wanted to see his dick, the dude was understandably shocked.

He tries to muscle her out of the bathroom, but she resists. He says that she’s his 18 year old stepsister and she says, ‘So?’. He tells her their mom was in the house and her response was no one’s going to find out. Before he knows it, she’s on her knees with his dick in hand, soon to be in her mouth.

As she blows him, with her eyes wide open watching watching his every reaction, its obvious that she knows what she’s doing and that made his dick that much harder.

The scene was shot in POV so all you see of the dude is his schlong which has a very dark foreskin, meaning that he’s either black, Latino, or Asian. Whatever his race is, the contrast between his black cock and the whore’s pale skin is super hot.

Anyways, she sucks him dry and swallows his cum, swirling traces of it along the shaft as it slowly recedes back inside its foreskin.

The following morning, the stepbro was on the couch and she greeted him wearing a tight white long sleeved top and an orange print mini skirt. She tells him with a knowing smile that unlike yesterday, they are completely alone since their mom left for work. He puts up a resistance again saying that they’ll still get caught, but once she shows him that shes not wearing any panties, that crumbles like a brick wall in an 9 Richter earthquake. He slaps her tight ass and lets her blow him again.

A little later on in the day, he walks into his room only to find her on the bed, wearing only her pink panties, her legs wide open, with a red doubled ended dildo buried deep inside her pussy. That did it. Any resistance on his part was now completely destroyed. The stepbrother ripped off her panties and had her on her knees. He pulled out the dildo and replaced it with his hard dick and plowed it in to the hilt. He switched positions and got her to ride him for a while. He finished her off on her back so that he could see her face as he fucked her hard.

Amy Summers is one sweet whore that he’s going to have naughty fun with more often.
Amy Summers

Lily Rader, Sadie Pop and Valentina Nappi Are Fucked In This Compilation

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In this compilation, we have got bitches galore. We start with Valentina Nappi, a tiny, spoiled little thing walking into her fancy schmancy house finding no one there. She plops down to her bad, whips out her diary, and whines that she got no gifts that day from anyone. What a cunt! But she’s hot though, with her milky white skin and tatted shoulders.

The scene switches to some tall black dude walking down a stairway of an even fancier home, cell phone in hand, calling for a baby sitter. I wonder which they’ll send this one. She better like big ones, that’s for sure. The dude is packing.

We move on to a white couple, making out on the couch. Sadie Pop tells the guy she’s finally ready. The guy is pleasantly surprised with his hand making a beeline to her love box.

On to a classroom setting with a black male teacher, very well spoken complete with black spectacles, trying to teach a dumb blonde student all about Black History.

Back to the scene with the black dude looking for a babysitter. He walks in to his living room, finding his current babysitter slacking off on his couch while eating his candy. The dude is pissed.

Back to the black professor. We see the dumb student Lily Rader coming on real heavy to the teacher, caressing his huge black dick behind his dress pants, saying that all she really needs is a better grade than what he originally gave her.

Back to Valentina. We see her chomping on a tall, bald dude’s schlong. Why he’s wearing a toga, i have no fucking clue nor do I care. My eyes are glued to Valentina, showing us what she is clearly born to do.

The action is getting real hot and heavy now. We see the babysitter on her knees with the black guy grasping her by her blonde hair while pushing his crotch against her mouth. He whips out his dick and feeds it to her. He roughly pulls down her blouse to see tits, spitting on then and slapping her nipples. This niggah really likes it rough.’s Stable Of Sluts Starring Elsa Jean

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This clip is a sampling of the stable of sluts has to offer. Their star at the moment is Elsa Jean a.k.a Elsa Dream with her long straight blonde hair, perfect white skin, and a body that screams, ‘Fuck Me’. Her face is gorgeous as well, exuding a hot combination of innocence and sultriness that is hard to come by. If she isn’t already, Elsa is sure to be a star.

The other bitches are not far off either. They’ve all got incredibly hot bodies and all excel at the Oldest Profession in the World which, for those too young to know, is to be a whore.

The clip begins with one such whore, a teen brunette, wearing a crop top, and short shorts, knocking on her neighbor’s door, asking if she can stay awhile because she was locked out. We then see another one, a little older than the previous but also a brunette, we wearing a long brown trench coat and black 6 inch spikes, clearly on her way to meet a ‘client’, praying that said client is well endowed. The next girl is as young as the first. She’s still in bed being woken up by some dude and refusing to get up for her first day in college. With her pink tank top and her long curly brown hair, I’m itching to do this stuck up spoiled bitch. The next one is wearing a red version of the tiny black black dress, sitting in a couch talking to some dude in a tie. The guy was saying something to the effect that if only he wasn’t married, he would be with her which made the bitch kiss him in the mouth full on. And then we get to Elsa Jean.

We see Elsa entering a hotel room, wearing a pink crop top, really short denim cutoffs, and gold flats. With this getup, her slim long legs are in full display along with her flat taught abs. Her tats are showing too making her look cheap and oh so fuckable which is in stark contrast to her sweet innocent face especially while wearing her brown square spectacles. She’s here for her porn audition, explaining that she’s really into fucking which is why she’s in the biz.

The action soon begins where the bitches show off their skills in teasing, sucking, and fucking. They certainly do not disappoint, especially Elsa Jean as she sucks and fucks her way to earn her fee. Subscribe to to experience them in their full glory.

Elsa Jean

Lexie Candy anal fucked by Danny D

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The scene begin with Lexie Candy on her knees in a warehouse somewhere worshipping Danny D’s immense tool. The schlong on this guy raises fear on the faces of most jaded whores. Anyways, Lexie, wearing a polka dot mini dress, is having a grand ol’ time. She has on heavy makeup with long eyelashes and Cleopatra eyeshadow. I think she’s French judging from her accent. You can tell that when she gets older, she’ll probably be fat. Nevertheless, the important thing is that right now, she is perfect, hot as fuck with curves in all the right places.

With his trademark cap on, Danny D. stands Lexi up and gets her to lean on a wall. He shoves up her skirt, pushes her blood red thong panties to one side, and fucks her cunt. He is rough with her as well, thrusting like a jackhammer, and talking dirty to her while clasping her throat.

All of a sudden, he pulls out his cock, slaps her ass, and tells her to beg for it which she does like a two bit French whore. He starts to penetrate her again, but instead of her pussy, he goes for her bung hole, the first thrust of which makes her squeal in pleasure mixed with pain. He pays her no mind and does her like a man possessed.

The scene switches to a couch somewhere in the same room. They’re both fully naked now except that he still has his long sleeved shirt on. He is cupping her tit while fucking her up her ass, pounding away mercilessly. They switch position with her on top with him still thrusting like the Energizer bunny.

They switch positions again. This time, she’s lying on the backrest of the couch, legs spread wide open as he fucks in the ass while twisting her nipples, all the while talking dirty to her, saying how much of a whore she is by loving the D treatments she is getting. He has his shirt off now, probably because he is sweating from the pounding he is giving her. This dude is a real fuck machine that’s for sure.